Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Prosciutto~Mushroom~Pea Risotto

For several weeks, we have been talking about how long it has been since we made risotto. Every week we'd say 'let's make risotto this Sunday' and then when it came time to actually plan, shop, and cook, the risotto idea would get tossed out the window.

Then, the Friday after Thanksgiving, SP headed over to Costco to pick up a copy of the Costco cookbook that is always available at Costco on that day for free to members. I flipped through it several times, not expecting to find much of interest since the last Costco cookbook wasn't too exciting. But this year, well this year there are several tasty looking dishes, including a risotto dish that I just couldn't stop thinking about: Risotto with Prosciutto, Mushrooms, and Peas.
Prosciutto. So yummy. Mixed in with creamy arborio and peas and mushrooms - these are a few of my favorite things!
This is the first risotto we've made that doesn't call for any white wine or cream. The 'cheat' for some creaminess is parmesan and mascarpone. There's also lots of chicken stock. About 8 cups, or two boxes. Good thing we recently stocked up on stock! And that SP bought the huge tubs of mascarpone. Sadly, though, we couldn't find any risotto at Costco, so we had to buy it at GEMD. Here's a closer look at the yumminess:
It was very tasty. There was lots of prosciutto. I used 1-2 more slices than suggested, and I sliced it smaller so there would be more but smaller chunks throughout instead of fewer and bigger chunks. I like a wee bit of prosciutto in every bite.
As SP said,"This one's a keeper!"

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