Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Claus Is Coming!

Santa Claus is coming! For most people, anyway. For us, he already came. Actually, he's been making repeated visits for the past month. There are still wrapped gifts under the tree, but a bit before Thanksgiving, Santa brought us some terrific presents. First, Santa SP showed me a coupon and rebate for a KitchenAid mixer at Costco. We've been wanting to replace his 13 year old, used, cobalt blue stand mixer for some time. Cobalt blue is not the color scheme in our kitchen! So Santa decided we should buy the mixer.
It has already been very useful. Not only is it shiny and pretty but it's a great color and can now sit out on the counter. No more pulling a 30 lb mixer out of a lower cabinet and praying we don't drop it on the new wood floors or crash it into the freshly refinished cabinets as we lift it up onto the counter. It mixed dough for all our cookies, mixed some dips, and mixed some flavored butter (for the Thanksgiving turkey). Did I mention it sits on the counter all the time, ready for immediate use? Oh yes. I love this new mixer.

Santa also brought us this as an early gift:
A new food saver. Also on sale/with coupon purchase at Costco. It takes up less counter space than our old one since it's a newer, more vertical one and it actually vacuums!! Our old one had some parts that were failing and when I tried to vacuum a few things, it failed. Miserably. No more!

Shiny new kitchen toys! Santa SP is wonderful! Of course, he wanted them, too!

But there's more!

Santa also visited us this past week. He had to buy us a new furnace. There is a long story of a furnace inspection that said our furnace was fine but our humidifier broken, then a furnace guy repairing a humidifier (to keep us breathing and our new wood floors happy) but breaking our furnace and being unable to repair it, followed by a second furnace guy who said that it was obvious our furnace was in serious trouble and how could the other guy have missed the cracked blower and scorched control panel but he got it working but it could die at any moment, followed by the information that repairs to our 18 year old furnace would cost more than half what a new furnace would cost and manufacturers say 15-20 years for a furnace, but a new one required new vents and lots of drilling through concrete, right after we had the house cleaned for holiday guests and.....

Three days later, 10 hours of furnace guy labor later, and thousands of dollars later, we have a working humidifier and new energy efficient furnace. And we had to re-clean the house.

Ho ho ho!

No wonder Santa SP just made me a spiced cranberry cocktail! Mrs. Claus is feeling a wee bit stressed and financially strapped!!!

But she's looking forward to opening her pajamas, new CDs, Baileys, and Godiva chocolate (sorry Santa - the credit card bill came and I checked it twice to make sure there weren't any unauthorized charges!)!!

Merry Christmas Eve!

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