Sunday, December 18, 2011


Sometimes SP goes 'off the list' when he goes grocery shopping. Sometimes this is a good thing. Like when he comes home with satsuma.

We enjoyed a satsuma this morning. I was thinking, hmmm, Japanese name, tasty, citrusy, super easy to peel - these are like the mikan I ate when I lived in Japan. I started wondering why, if our stores get satsuma, why hadn't we ever seen mikan?

So I did some research. I discovered satsuma = mikan. You'd think I'd already know stuff like this since I have a BA in Japanese.

Stupid me. Very tasty fruit.

More info on satsuma, aka mikan, here.

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  1. Yay for satsumas! We have a tree in the yard just full of satsumas - they are like candy. I love them! Glad SP brought some for you! They are my favorite citrus!