Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cherry Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

I thought there was a crisis Monday evening when I started looking for dessert and all I found was Swiss Miss Mini Marshmallow instant hot chocolate mix packets. As I discovered last week, the mini marshmallows disappear as soon as they come into contact with hot water - boo. Plus, it didn't taste very hot chocolaty to me. As soon as I tweeted my dessert despair, SP came wandering out of his office with a sly smile. He had a secret stash of Raspberry Shortbread Bars, his favorite of all the holiday cookies. There weren't many raspberry bars left, so Tuesday evening we made Cherry Chocolate Shortbread Cookies. We've made these before, but this time, we chopped the cherry bits into smaller pieces and we drizzled the chocolate on top.
Or at least tried to drizzle. SP was in charge of drizzling. I'm not sure what happened. Some, like the one in the above photo, look more like they were frosted.
Others are half drizzled and half dolloped with chocolate.
And some are simply drizzled.

These are as tasty as we remember, and quick to make. We had everything measured, the dough mixed mixed, and scoops of dough plopped on cookie sheets in about 15 minutes. Each cookie sheet baked for 28 minutes. They cooled for a bit, SP frosted/dolloped/drizzled, and then we enjoyed while watching the season premiere of Justified.
Dessert crisis averted.

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