Monday, January 30, 2012


After our dinner at Silk Elephant on Saturday, we crossed the street to get dessert at Waffalonia. I hadn't been to Waffalonia since last April. At that time, I thought the liege waffle was tasty, but not so tasty as to make me frequently crave them.

That changed this time. When we entered, I started studying the menu board, trying to decide which toppings would make the tastiest waffle. Nutella? Chocolate? Ice cream? Then my eyes fell downward, drawn to a sign for their Holiday Waffle. Liege waffle with chocolate ganache and peppermint whipped cream. I knew instantly I had to have the Holiday Waffle. It was so tasty! I wish this waffle could be a year round waffle. I love the combination of chocolate and mint, and the waffle seemed tastier this time.

SP & I shared one waffle. We were pretty full from dinner. It was so tasty that I wanted a second waffle, but in the end, I decided to not have another. Or at least SP decided for me since he piled the bags on my lap again and pushed me out the door and down the street to Te Cafe.

Part two of dessert was tea at Te Cafe. We hadn't been there in a while, either. We bought some tea to replenish our supplies (sadly, they were again out of the Lemon Spice). I wanted to try something new, so I tried a special of the day: cranberry clementine. It was OK. Maybe I was just too full or maybe I don't like cranberry flavor as much as I thought, but this wasn't one of my favorite teas. The hot tea did help me warm up since it was really windy and thus very cold. I felt like a mummy, my neck & lower face wrapped in a scarf, winter coat zipped all the way up, ear muffs, gloves, hood on my head. I wish the nice 50 degree winter weather would happen on the weekends and not during the week!

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  1. Can I say it again? Oh wow. This looks fabulously delicious! :)