Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Super Secret Location?

SP's birthday is coming up. This past weekend, we got together with his family for his birthday dinner. He chose Burgatory.

After choosing Burgatory, then lamenting the distance from our house and the usual long wait times, we started talking about how wouldn't it be nice if the new super secret Burgatory location was in the Robinson area.

Then I was reading last Thursday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Local West section, and in the Municipal News section I saw this tidbit:

"Burgatory wants to open a hamburger restaurant with an outdoor seating area in the former Scoglio's Italian Restaurant in The Pointe at North Fayette shopping center. Burgatory has other locations at Waterworks Mall and inside the Consol Energy Center.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/12047/1210657-57-0.stm#ixzz1n2JpgwJI"

Could it be? Could the super secret third location coming soon really be near us? Or could this be a super secret fourth location? We are hoping so! It would be a great addition to this area. I suppose having 3 locations means Burgatory might qualify as a  'chain restaurant' but it would be a local chain, not national. 
Anyway, since SP's mom likes to eat around 4:30pm, we figured we would get there early to put our name on the waiting list. I wanted to leave at 3pm, SP said 3:30pm seemed early enough. At 3:15pm I checked their site and there was a 50-60 minute wait, so we headed out at 3:25pm!!

We got there at 4pm and there was a 60-75 minute wait for our group of seven. SP texted/called everyone else that we were on the wait list and we went shopping, or, more accurately, browsing. It's very easy to have an hour fly by when you are in Barnes & Noble looking at cookbooks and travel books!
Everyone chose to fill out a Custom Creation sheet for their meal. We like Burgatory because it has a variety of burger choices (beef, wagyu, chicken, bison, veggie, crab) and tons of toppings, plus several bread choices, including topless (just bread on the bottom) and naked (no bread), which was good since SP's mom doesn't eat carbs.
This time I chose chicken instead of beef. Turns out they offer chicken breasts and ground chicken patties. I chose a chicken breast, topped with gruyere, bourbon BBQ sauce, bacon, mushroom, arugula, greens, tomato, and cucumber on brioche. Yum! 
SP chose a topless bison burger with gruyere, whole grain mustard, bacon, Napa slaw, greens, arugula, tomato, pickles and I don't even know what else!

SP's mom had a naked beef burger with lots of veggies. His dad had a beef burger on herbed foccacia with cheese, onions, and lots of other stuff. And Googer had a naked veggie burger with Kingston jerk rub, banana ketchup, grilled pineapple, grilled onions, roasted red peppers, baby spinach, arugula, sliced tomato, and poblano peppers. Sadly, he didn't take a photo of his meal, but he did give me a copy of his custom creation sheet!
Of course after the meal we had to order milkshakes. This time, we each ordered a shake so that we could try two kinds, and of course, we ended up getting to-go cups to take our shakes home. We shared the Coffee & Donuts shake and the Salted Nutella Crunch shake.
Lots of whipped cream on top the Salted Nutella Crunch shake. Nutella & Nestle Crunch Bars.
A munchkin donut on top the Coffee & Donuts shake. Kona coffee, glazed donuts, and a hint of chocolate syrup.

Both the shakes are non-alcoholic shakes. They were quite good, but I found myself getting that uncomfortable milkshake stomach bloating and unhappy feeling. I ended up putting the remainder of my shake in our freezer and finishing it on Monday. SP & I think that the first shake we had at Burgatory, the one on New Year's Eve with the champagne, strawberries, and pizzelles, tasted so good and didn't bother me because of the alcohol. We now are anxious to return to try an alcoholic shake again to see if the alcohol helps cut the dairy 'badness' for my stomach. 

Another tasty meal at Burgatory, and hopefully we'll soon be able to zip right over to a Burgatory near us!

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  1. FYI, a little research I did today indicates that Burgatory opening in that exact location in fact appears to be a matter of when, not if...