Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Weekend Another Chain?!!!

After a busy Saturday at the Home & Garden Show and then running errands, we didn't feel like heading back into the city. Plus, I was pretty unhappy with the very windy and cold weather - once again, a nice weather week followed by a crappy weather weekend. SP remembered he had a coupon for Houlihan's, so we decided to go there. We like the one at Robinson Mall. We have eaten there several times. The hostesses are always friendly. Our servers have been friendly. The food is decent for this kind of restaurant. There usually isn't too much of a wait. My only complaint is that I always feel a wee bit rushed - courses arrive one after another without any time in between. I found myself at one point chewing my last bite of appetizer while looking at my soup and having my meal placed in front of me!

Dinner was a wee bit exciting because I used my new phone to take the food photos! I named my new phone Snazzy. Snazzy did a decent job, I think, for a dimly lit restaurant. I should have taken each photo twice, once with Snazzy and once with Elf, but... I didn't. So I can't compare the phone photos to camera photos. Oh well!

Here's what we ate, as photographed by Snazzy:
Goat Cheese & Artichoke Poppers with oil, balsamic, and a mayo sauce that was quite tasty.

Interior view of artichoke popper

Baked Potato Soup

SP's House Chop Salad (greens, bacon, corn, croutons, tomatoes, cheddar, with balsamic dressing)

My Brentwood Chicken Sandwich (chicken, bacon, gouda, tomato, lettuce, Dijon) with a side of Mediterranean Orzo

SP's Wild Mushroom Enchiladas (tortillas filled with portobellos, cheese, mozarella sauce, sour cream drizzle, served with pico rice, black beans, & Napa cabbage) 

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