Thursday, March 1, 2012

Evening At Eleven

Long time readers of this blog know that two of our favorite restaurants are Eleven and Casbah, both part of the Big Burrito Restaurant Group. I have mentioned before that if you sign up for the mailing list, every year for your birthday, they mail you a birthday gift card of up to $30 off an entree. Umi is excluded, and the birthday coupon cannot be used on a Saturday evening, but it's still quite a nice offer. Recently, we have used our birthday gift cards on brunch instead of dinner, but this year for his birthday, SP decided he wanted dinner at Eleven. Eleven is also where we had our first 'special dinner out' when we started dating, so it's kind of a special place for us. We made reservations early on last Sunday (we wanted to be home for a while in the evening to relax on the couch and watch TV before bed) and last Sunday was also SP's actual birthday.

Here's what we enjoyed:
2009 Copain Viognier Tous Ensemble Mendocino County, California for me, iced tea for SP 

Tasty butter and black pepper~sea salt foccacia and raisin bread for SP

Semolina bread and the black pepper foccacia for me

Shared salad: Three Greens radicchio, arugula, endive, goat cheese vinaigrette, roasted sweet peppers

Shared appetizer: Ricotta Cavatelli   black truffle, duck confit, Brussels sprout leaves, squash, golden raisin, Parmesan

SP's entree: Golden Tilefish  hot Italian sausage, mussels, cous cous, sun-dried tomatoes, caperberries

My entree: Semolina Gnocchi  kale, leeks, celery root, squash, hedgehog mushrooms, mascarpone, Mimolette Vieille

SP's dessert: Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake coconut milk granite, hibiscus syrup, pomegranate, candied macadamia nuts

My dessert: Spiced-Caramel-Apple Cannoli  Marsala caramel, orange syrup, candied apples, Marcona almonds 
As usual, we enjoyed all our food. As usual, the service was wonderful. Definitely a delicious birthday dinner for SP.

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