Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fire Up the Grill

The weather here in Pittsburgh has been unbelievably wonderful. It was warm enough when we were making & eating lamb stew last week that we regretted choosing to make the stew. It was a bit too hearty for the weather. We wanted something lighter for this week since the warm weather continues. In fact, it's warm enough to fire up the grill!

We don't grill year round. We know people who, when it snows, the first place they shovel is the path to the grill. But that's not us. By mid-November we have the grill covered and stored in a place on the deck that hopefully shields it a bit from wind and snow and icicles. We found out the hard way that falling icicles can shred a grill cover! Usually we don't start grilling again until early/mid April.

Anyway, we started off the first grilling for the year with a cocktail. We chose to mix some Black Cherry Bourbon with Club Soda. SP really likes this bourbon, which was a birthday present. I thought it was good, especially after I added an orange wedge. The bourbon whiskey has a hint of cherry, but it's not overpowering, and it doesn't taste like cough syrup!
Yes, that is a Star Wars Light Saber chopstick in my cocktail. Makes an excellent stirrer.
 You need a little snack while you get ready to grill and watch March Madness. Cheese.
Three kinds of Irish Cheddar (Porter Stout, Wine, Whiskey) and some leftover Monterey Jack with Jalapeno
 Salad are light and healthy. Plus, we have lots of leftover veggies from last week's taco dinners.
Lettuce, red pepper, tomato, cucumber
 A homemade Dijon Vinaigrette:
 Some homemade Whole Wheat Honey Bread:
The bread used up the last of last year's CSA honey. It also used up the whole wheat flour from last year's CSA. We substituted butter for shortening. The bread machine did the rest.
Very tasty. And hearty. I find the breads we make in our bread machine to be heavy and filling. That's not a bad thing, it just means all I need to feel full is one slice.

The grill part: burgers. We bought ground meats and figured if it was rainy at dinner time, we'd make meatloaf. If not, we'd make burgers.

Long time readers know by now that when we make burgers or meatloaf or tacos, there are usually his and hers versions. This time, my burgers are a blend of ground beef, ground veal, and ground pork:
They are huge! The ground meats are seasoned with seasoned bread crumbs, Dijon, Worcestershire, egg. I topped mine with some BBQ sauce and a slice of pimento cheese.
These are cooked all the way through and stayed moist, so I was pretty excited because sometimes in an effort to make sure my burgers have no pink, they end up a little dry. These are the best burgers SP has ever made me.

SP's burgers are ground turkey and ground pork. His are smaller and they sort of fell apart on the grill because they were too wet. Next time, he said he'd omit the Worcestershire.
 His sad little burger, topped with provolone. No BBQ. I can't imagine they are tasty, but he says they are.
My burgers are so big that I'll definitely get 4 meals, maybe 5, from them. I wish SP ate beef, because I could use a little help eating all those big burgers!

After dinner, there was tea, hot and iced (which means we also made a lemon simple syrup on Sunday), and some madeleines that we made earlier that day:
Mmmm. Madeleines.

A successful first grilling of the year!

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  1. My burgers are so big that I'll absolutely get 4 meals, maybe 5, from them. I ambition SP ate beef, because I could use a little advice bistro all those big burgers