Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snap Crackle Pop

I have been baking since I was a wee little girl in grandma's kitchen and I've made a lot of goodies. But there are still lots goodies I've never made. Like Rice Krispie Treats. I suppose Rice Krispie Treats are not a baked good since they don't bake, but they are a treat that I made for the first time ever this past weekend.
I remember really, really liking these as a child. But my mom never made them for me. Poor me! I remember other moms making these for parties, classroom treats, Girl Scout meetings... I think I asked once for her to buy me the ingredients but for some reason she wouldn't buy them. I think she mumbled something about melted marshmallows and gooey messes and sticky hands.
It always surprises me that I like these so much because I don't really like cereal. I remember one cold, winter morning before school when I was in first grade and I sat at this little table in the living room (no idea why I wasn't in the dining room) trying to eat a bowl of Sugar Smacks. It was torture. They were gross. The longer it took me, the soggier and more disgusting those Sugar Smacks got. Then the soggy smacks started making me gag, much like when I try to eat cold toast. If there's anything that rivals soggy cereal, it's cold toast. Bleah. Thank goodness I was saved by the school bus. I think my mom got the 'hint' since she never served me Sugar Smacks again.
Ooey gooey marshmallow goodness!
Cereal isn't a good food for me since I do not eat quickly. It just gets too soggy. Eventually, I gave up on adding milk and decided that dry cereal was the way to go. I'd sit at the breakfast table with a bowl of Lucky Charms or Cookie Crisp or Fruity Pebbles and a glass of milk, chew some cereal, sip some milk, and repeat. Cereal, milk, cereal, milk. Good grief that sounds so ridiculous - but that's what I did.
In my college dorm room, I often snacked on Fruit Loops right from the box. Freshman year when I was on the meal plan, if I made it to breakfast, I would sometimes eat a bowl of Trix or Apple Jacks, only by then, I had a new method: I would get a bowl of cereal and a bowl of milk. I'd transfer a small amount of cereal into the bowl of milk, eat it all, and then transfer a bit more cereal into the milk. That way, my cereal didn't get soggy.

After college, the only cereal I ate was Chex Mix. Chex cereal is really good when coated in butter & salt and mixed with pretzels & peanuts!
This past Saturday, as we were out & about, I would periodically get bored in traffic or while SP ran into a store and would check email/blog posts/tweets on my phone. That was when I saw Lindsay's tweet/blog post about Churro Chex Mix. Mmm churros. This sounded like a yummy treat to make, and since we were on our way to the store, I informed SP that we were adding cinnamon chips and Chex cereal to the grocery list. He agreed it sounded pretty tasty. But he questioned the existence of cinnamon chips. I assured him they really did exist - I have used them. OK, it was a very long time ago, but I recall making cinnamon chip muffins.

Well of course stupid Walmart didn't have cinnamon chips. We don't like going to Walmart anyway, so we were already annoyed, and then, no cinnamon chips. But then, it hit me: Rice Krispie Treats. So instead of cinnamon chips and Chex, we bought Rice Krispies and marshmallows.
I don't know what it is about this super simple (but sticky) treat, but I cannot stop eating them. Breakfast treat. Afternoon snack. Dessert. It's not just that I am eating them breakfast/lunch/dinner - I'm eating 2 or 3 at a time. I can't stop myself. SP is having some willpower issues, too. We have nearly finished the entire batch. It's only Tuesday morning.

Luckily, there was a coupon for marshmallows in Sunday's paper. And we still have some Rice Krispies. So SP is buying marshmallows tonight on his way home from work. I'm tempted to try the chocolate or cinnamon marshmallows that we saw, but I'm not sure if flavored store bought marshmallows taste that yummy. Homemade flavored marshmallows are really good, but I'm just a bit unsure of store bought flavored marshmallows.

I'll have the Rice Krispies, butter, saucepan, and greased pan ready for him when he walks in the door tonight!


  1. Yummm, those look good. Rice Krispie Treats are a good compromise for when you can't find cinnamon chips. ;)

  2. Your idea of breakfast growing up explains so much about your dessert cravings as an adult! :)