Monday, April 9, 2012

Merante Brothers

Saturday morning we set out bright & early for Peters. We both had appointments in that area and by the time we were finished, it was around 11:30 am and we were hungry!

I'm not sure how I first learned about this place, but it was on my mind, and then on our way to SP's appointment, we drove right past and and at the same time we both said, 'oh, hey, so here's where that place is!' So we decided to check out Merante Brothers Market.
It's actually three places in one building on West McMurray Road. In the center is the deli/market, which sells pastas, sauces, deli meat & cheeses, gelato. We sampled some delicious tiramisu. There were three kinds: chocolate-peanut butter, traditional, and lemon. All were delicious and I would love to purchase some of their tiramisu in the future. Since we figured we would have leftover Easter dessert for the week and we didn't want to have too many desserts in the house, I suppressed the urge to buy tiramisu.

They also sell sandwiches at the deli counter.

To the right is a restaurant, Cucina di Domenica. There are two large communal dining tables and a counter where you can order soup, salad, pizza, panini, pasta. To the left of the market is a cafe, Caffe di Antonio, that sells treats like scones & croissants as well as coffees & teas and breakfast sandwiches/panini. The photo above is the order counter in the cafe. Also in the cafe and outside are these tables:
Very sleek, shiny, and modern looking. There are regular tables, too, and a couch. The cafe has a garage door, which was up when we were these, so while we ate 'inside' it was almost like being outside because we sat right next to the open garage door. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, so it was quite nice to dine in the bright sunshine. I decided to have a latte and a breakfast sandwich: prosciutto & asiago.
It was just the right size for me and cost $3.50, which didn't seem too expensive given the large and tasty bun, the quantity of prosciutto, cheese, and a surprise since I didn't expect it: roasted red peppers. In retrospect, as I peruse the menu online, I think that even though I ordered the prosciutto/asiago breakfast sandwich, I was served the panini with prosciutto, provolone, and roasted red pepper instead. It's not a big deal since I really like roasted red pepper, but if one didn't like peppers, it would be a big deal.
Very tasty and filling. SP decided to order on the restaurant side and bring his meal over to the cafe to eat. He chose the Hot Sausage Sandwich with Fresh Mozzarella and Hot Peppers: 
It came with a tasty salad of mixed greens, tomato, kalamatas, feta. Up close shot:
His sandwich was huge. He ate most of it, in the end pulling out the sausage/cheese/pepper interior and leaving the tasty but filling bread exterior behind. He said the sausage was good, but not the best he's ever had, and it seemed maybe a bit fatty for his tastes, but it had really good flavor, especially paired with the hot peppers.
We both liked our lunches, and we'd definitely go back. I can see meeting L here for coffee (she lives in Peters so whenever we head that way, I like to meet up with her) or SP and I having lunch here after appointments. They sell Boars Head lunch meats, which we like, so we can add them to our list of 'places that sell Boars Head.' I'm not sure how I'd feel about eating at the communal tables, but I think that's mostly because such tables are not especially wheelchair friendly - I'd have to be on an end for space reasons and if it was super crowded, it would be hard to get an end.

The servers in the caffe were very friendly and helpful. They offered to heat my sandwich for me. Usually, your order is available for pick up on the right side of the counter area, but they brought my latte and sandwich over to me at the table, which was very nice. It's always tricky wheeling around with a hot beverage and plate of food!

I'm looking forward to going back and trying some gelato and buying some tiramisu.

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  1. I live near there and have been wanting to try it out. Will have to stop by there soon, sounds like a nice new place!