Monday, May 7, 2012

2012 Herbs

This past weekend was 'Herbs & Posies' weekend. This means that Saturday afternoon, we spent entirely too much time at Home Depot & Lowes picking out flowers for the front planter and herbs to grow on the deck. I don't have any flower photos, but we stuck with our usual: petunias. When something grows well in a spot, stick with it! This year we bought red, white, and pink petunias.

Now for the herbs! Since we were away for 2 weeks in April and then our first weekend home was so cold and super busy, we had not yet planted basil. We did this weekend:
Pretty exciting, huh?! A pot of dirt! Hopefully the seeds will sprout soon! Meanwhile, since we use a lot of basil, we bought a plant so we wouldn't have to wait as long to enjoy the basil:
I think I mentioned that our sage & chives from last year started growing again, so we added some soil and plant food to those pots. I didn't take photos of those. The thyme from last year also started growing again - it is quite healthy:
The mint from last year started growing again, too, so we cleaned out the dead parts and added food & fresh soil:
Last year we didn't have a lot of mint until the end of June/early July, and I didn't want to wait that long for the new growth to get big, so we bought a mint plant and we bought an oregano plant:
Oregano on left, mint on right
We are not growing rosemary this year. We wanted to grow dill, but neither store had any dill. We are hoping to get some parsley in the CSA.

So that is the 2012 herb line up on the deck! Two pots of basil, two pots of mint, oregano, thyme, sage, chives and hopefully soon parsley.

I am looking forward to mint ice cream, mint on fattoush, mint mixed into sauces for on fish, all sorts of fresh herbs in pasta and potato salads, basil with tomatoes... I am ready for the summer foods!

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