Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bartram House Bakery

Beautiful weather has me spending lots of time in the sunroom and less time in my office. That means less, well, no, time blogging. Since the sunroom is not on the central air/heat, it's not a year round room. Whenever there is a sunroom worthy day, I feel compelled to ignore the computer and chores and just hang out in my favorite room in the house.

Last Saturday was one of the really nice days and we spent the entire day running around. We left at 9:30 am to head south to my hair appointment. As we zipped down 79, some sort of rock/debris cracked into the windshield, right in front of SP's face, so we had to deal with getting the entire windshield replaced this week before this weekend's car inspection. Gotta love those unexpected expenses. I'm sure SP wasn't happy since he had to squint through/around the crack all day!

Anyway, here's the 'menu' from last Saturday:

Hair appointment
1.5 hours of fun because I refuse to let the grays win.
A new place. A bakery/cafe. Yum! Photos below.
Trax Farms
Strawberry Festival time! But, seriously, $5.49 for a quart of berries?!
Because the Boars Head lunch meat at Trax was much more expensive than at Portman's.
Drive Thru ATM
Cash is sometimes necessary.
Hobby Lobby
I'm still searching for home decor for a few spots in our house and I wanted to check out the cross-stitch section. Plus, it's always fun to watch SP twitch and suffer in this kind of store. He truly doesn't care what I do in the house as long as I leave his office and the basement alone. 
Our mint & basil outgrew their pots quickly and we still have home projects on this year's 'to do' list.
Guaranteed to annoy you before you even find a parking space. A necessary evils. OK, maybe not necessary, but... a lot of stuff we use is cheaper there.
Home Depot
Because neither Lowe's nor Walmart had the kind of herb pots we wanted. We knew Home Depot would, and maybe we should have gone there first, but we wanted to check out a few things at Lowe's that we had already checked out at Home Depot.
Gas Station
Gas makes the car run. 
We only needed one item. It bugs me to go to Costco for just one item. It bugs me to go to any store for just one item!
Market District
Because Costco doesn't have everything we want in an appropriate size (like milk and sour cream).
Because it was 6 pm and we were starving.


I can't remember exactly how Bartram House Bakery came to my attention, but it did. There is a location in Wexford and one in Peters Township. Since my hair salon is in Peters, we decided that after my appointment we'd check out Bartram's for lunch.
When you walk in, a glass case of baked goodies greets you. We lingered and checked everything out. Scones, cookies, bars, muffins, cupcakes, croissants, donuts...
Past the display case, to the right, is the counter where you order. The menu is on the chalkboards on the walls plus there are a few specials on paper on the counter.
We shared Tomato Basil Bisque. I really liked this soup! It was a thicker soup than I expected, but had lots of great tomato, basil, and parmesan taste. The lighter color (not red but pinkish) makes me think there was a splash of cream, which I liked.
SP chose a BLT with fried egg sandwich on whole wheat. The bread slices were thick and very tasty. His egg was nicely fried, with runny yolk, and he liked that because he could dip his bread through the yolk to mop up all the yolk.
Once again, I was drawn to the Breakfast Sandwich. I chose croissant, eggs (I think egg whites or maybe some other kind of egg substitute thing is an option, but I am a real egg with yolk person), bacon, cheddar, and tomato.
First off, this was huge! I ate half and we took the other half home. Lots of egg, but it was tasty egg, not cooked too hard/too browned egg. Juicy tomato. Flaky croissant. Lots of bacon. Not greasy. Delicious.
I got one of these S'mores Bars to take home. I ate it Saturday night. Oh my gosh - kind of indulgent with that huge slab of chocolate on top of a crumbly, slightly sweet graham crust. Toasted marshmallows on top. Then some chocolate drizzle and a few chocolate chips scattered on top the marshmallows. Marshmallows are like a guilty pleasure for me. For some reason, every so often, I just crave marshmallows. Or fluff. Oh I love fluff. But back to this - there probably wasn't anything extra special about these marshmallows, but they sure were tasty. I have been wondering if I could replicate this at home, maybe using a creme brulee torch to brown the marshmallows?!
SP got a Blueberry Scone. That is just half the scone. It wasn't quite as dense as some scones I've had, and maybe was a bit more muffin like, but still a tasty treat.
I also got a Pepperoni Roll to go and I ate it Monday afternoon. It was good, but my roll unrolled in such a way that my first few bites of the outer ring were pepperoni less while my last few bites of the interior were very pepperoni filled. The bag got a little greasy from the pepperoni, but the roll itself wasn't too greasy from the pepperoni. I might have liked a bit more cheese, but then again, I almost always am in favor of more cheese.

I also got a Caramel-Cinnamon Biscotti that was good. Softer than some since I could bite through before dunking. A little messy from the caramel on top. Didn't see in the bakery and later wished I had seen that there were walnuts in it, and while I like walnuts, I prefer my basked treats to be nut free. I'm pretty sure SP got something else, too, but I cannot remember.

Anyway, we both really liked Bartram's.

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For Saturday's dinner we went to Bocktown. We were just there a week or two ago with our parents. Long time readers know that whenever we stay in Robinson for dinner, 95% of the time we eat at Bocktown. This visit was noteworthy for two reasons:

1. We did not order our usuals
2. We ended up in the back room with a crying baby and 2 loud and misbehaving children

There is nothing like someone putting their wailing baby on their shoulder so that its wailing face can wail right into your eardrum while you eat. I was not happy. Add to that the 2 other children, one who kept loudly uttering 'Owwwheeeee' as he played with his toys and the other who walked all over the bench seating and well, I was super annoyed. If my brother or I had been anything like those kids, my parents would have left the restaurant so as not to annoy other diners. They would have spanked me and punished me for walking on furniture and not being quiet in public.

Anyway... our food:
Soup of the Day, Cream of Mushroom. This was really good. Mushroom filled but not too earthy like I find some mushroom soups to be.

OK, yes, the She Crab Soup is a usual for us! This time it seemed to have a lot more crab than usual.

SP ordered the starter of Stuffed Banana Peppers for his meal. He said they were delicious. I didn't try them.

For my meal I ordered a Daily Special Starter: Fried Green Tomato Salad, with nuts, feta, and bacon. I was really tired after such a long day of running around in what was a bit of a hot/humid day, so I wasn't too hungry and I kind of didn't have much energy for eating. That might have influenced my opinion of this dish. The fried green tomatoes were OK. The breading kind of fell right off when I cut them. They were a bit firm, but also kind of dry and lacking flavor. They would have been better with a  more seasoned breading or a bit more dressing in the salad, or dressing right on top the tomatoes. I think it was supposed to be a creamy parmesan dressing, but there didn't seem to be much if any in the salad. I usually don't like a lot of dressing, but this could have used much more dressing. My bacon was missing, so I had to ask for it, and the small container I got was just OK, a little too dry and hard for bacon, but they appeared to be real bacon bits. Overall, I thought it was just OK. There were a lot of nuts which made for a very crunchy salad and overly crunchy salads annoy me because it takes me so long to crunch through the crunchy parts.
I am hoping for a less busy Saturday this weekend and more sunroom time!

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