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Last weekend, some friends were in town, so a group of us got together for dinner at Cure on Saturday evening. This was our second trip to Cure (read about our first trip here). Our second trip was just as tasty and service was just as great.
Saturday, 21 July 2012 menu
We were a group of nine. Once again, everyone brought wine (Cure is BYOB). SP & I enjoyed a bottle of sangiovese as well as lots of water, pitchers of which were left on the table so we could refill our glasses as needed.

The food: 
Cucumber-Pine Nut Gazpacho

The soup 'broth' is poured into the soup bowl at the table.

Cucumber, stone fruit, avocado, green grape, pimenton dulce-whipped olive oil

I ordered the Heirloom Tomatoes, watermelon, basil, white balsamic sabayon, pine nut brittle, goat cheese, fennel pollen. The watermelon and tomatoes were so fresh and juicy and flavorful. I'm not usually a fan of pine nuts, nor of brittle, but somehow these tiny bits of brittle added just enough crunch to the dish.

Salumi Platter

Beets, lobster yogurt, grapefruit, watercress, long pepper, black garlic

Cheese Platter for an appetizer - sorry for the blurry photo

Trout Meniere, lemon, caper, brown butter, cranberry & dragon's tongue beans, almond

Lamb Ravioli, tomato, cardamom, sumac, feta, mint and a slab of grilled eggplant. This was my entree. The pasta was nicely al dente, not mushy at all but nice and firm, the lamb filling very flavorful, lamb/pasta with that hint of cinnamon and/or cardamom is one of my favorite things these days (the moussaka we make, this dish, the bolognose I've had at Meat & Potatoes). The eggplant was a nice doneness as well - not too hard, which I dislike, but not cooked into a mush of grossness.

Duck Confit, blackberry, corn pudding, little gem lettuce, mole, hazelnut, chanterelle mushroom

Hanger Steak, smoked cheddar potato gratin, burnt broccoli, broccoli custard, caramelized onion, almond, Guinness gravy. Our server said the steak is served medium. 

Heritage Farms Chicken, peaches, pancetta, pesto, polenta

Chocolate Souffle Cake, pistachio butter, fennel marshmallow, vin cotto. I loved this dish. The chocolate cake was chocolaty without being too dense or too rich or too fudgy. I loved the marshmallow. I think a few people thought it was too sweet, or didn't add much to the dish, but maybe because I love Fluff/ and roasted marshmallows, I loved this marshmallow and was very careful to portion it out so I had a bite of marshmallow with each bite of cake. I didn't think it was too sweet. I remember thinking it was so silky and smooth and not too sticky-gooey.

Roasted Peaches, cherries, blueberries, oats, lavender, honey, ginger, almond granola
Sorry for the blurry photos. It's dark in Cure, plus we had been enjoying our wine, so maybe my hands weren't so steady, plus I think I kept forgetting to switch between the close up setting for my food and the not so close setting for food across the table. Whoops.

Everyone said everything was delicious. I know. That's a terrible food blogger food description. But it's all I have! Mostly, I took photos because the plates of food were so beautiful, plates of art, with small flower garnishes and swirls and dollops of sauces and and such. The food fills my belly without over filling it. I leave comfortably full, not feeling like I am going to burst.

Cure is one of S&R's favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh and they love the salumi platter. A&E both said they really, really liked their meals, that maybe Cure is their favorite place of the places they have dined in Pittsburgh, and if they lived here, they would often dine at Cure. I'm pretty sure C enjoyed his meal, but he was as far away from me as one could be at the table. T&K I think enjoyed their meals, but I suspect wouldn't choose to dine at Cure again unless with a group of friends. SP has traveled extensively with T, both domestically and internationally, and among this group of friends, the consensus seems to be that he is a somewhat non-adventurous eater. He ordered the steak and like me, prefers his steaks to be medium well, but he did eat all of it. I think he liked the broccoli but not the broccoli custard so much, possibly a texture thing. I think they liked everything, thought it was all tasty, but it's just not their thing, if that makes sense.

We both really like Cure and hopefully we'll be back before the end of the year.

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