Monday, August 6, 2012

Once Again

Once again, this past Saturday, we decided to return to a place we had tried before and really enjoyed and then discovered that in spite of our enjoyment, a too long amount of time had passed since our original visit. In the case of Bite Bistro, we had not been back since last September, and that is really a shame because we again really enjoyed our visit.
I posted about Bite Bistro before here. This time, there was a different menu, but there was the same tasty food and lovely service.
I knew right away that SP would order the gazpacho. One, it's soup, and two, he loves gazpacho. Me, not so much, but I tried a wee taste and my wee taste sent me slurping down iced tea to quench the burning in my mouth from the spice/heat. He was surprised as he didn't find it too spicy/hot. Of course, I am a spice wimp, so... I liked that it was more like a puree, like a dip, instead of a broth with chunks kind of soup.
Much more my style: pretzels with beer cheese-bacon-shallot dip. Delicious. I loved the crispy shallot bits, the thin cheese sauce, the hint of bacon, the warm and soft pretzel bits. There was still some cheese sauce leftover after we ate all the pretzel bites so I spooned the rest of it into my mouth. It was that yummy! One of those 'if only I could lick my plate in public' sauces!
Ever since our honeymoon, I've almost always ordered shrimp & grits when I see them on a menu. So of course that is what I chose.
Very tasty, teeny bits of chorizo, well cooked shrimp, chunks of tomato. But it wasn't as creamy/saucy as shrimp & grits I have had before, and for that reason, I was a wee bit sad. It was definitely a bit drier than the shrimp & grits I've eaten before, but overall, it was a very flavorful dish.
SP ordered the Crabcake BLT with smoked gouda macaroni & cheese. The macaroni and cheese was delicious. Not overly creamy and saucy - not the kind where your macaroni is swimming. I didn't try his sandwich.
He said the crabcakes were delicious, very simply seasoned, not a lot of filler, nicely crispy on the exterior. The bacon was thick and the wee piece I tried had a bit of the tangy and sweet Bite sauce on it.
SP chose Green Tea Creme Brulee for dessert. There was a nice layer of hardened sugar on top. He said it had a hint of green tea taste, nothing overpowering.
 It also had just a wee hint of green color.
I chose the S'mores Crepes. Chocolate crepes, melty chocolate bits and marshmallow bits inside, cookie rumbles, drizzles of chocolate, a smeared toasted marshmallow. Delicious. Not too sweet. The crepes were a bit crispy on the edges, which I liked.

We both enjoyed all our food, the servers were terrific. We were surprised it wasn't busier - it's an affordable & tasty place! There is street parking but we parked in a metered lots after turning down a brick street. We put a bit of money in the meter to be safe, but I think that it's not enforced on weekends because it looked like all the meters except ours were flashing expired.

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week is coming up and that is a terrific time to try Bite Bistro in Bellevue. They are going to have a fixed price menu ($20 for salad, entree, and dessert). Also, Bite Bistro is BYOB. We didn't BYOB, we enjoyed the fresh brewed iced tea.

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