Tuesday, September 18, 2012


SP & I love tea. It is our beverage of choice. Hot or iced. Green, white, black, herbal, rooibos, all kinds of tea. We have a pretty substantial amount of tea in the house. An entire drawerful, to be precise, and then some. We have loose leaf tea and lots of strainers as well as tea bags. Walking into a tea shop and gazing at a wall of tea, opening the jars and smelling the teas, it makes us happy.
For several years, I have wanted to go to one of the tea classes at Margaret's Fine Imports, but for a long time, the classes were only the first Wednesday of the month. That was not a convenient time for us. But then one day, we saw a Google Offer for the tea class and it said that the classes were on Wednesdays and Sundays. So we bought two tickets and made reservations for this past Sunday.
Margaret is a lovely, funny, warm, endearing woman from Poland. She had her first taste of tea when she was just a day old, a sip of fennel tea. During class she talked about the history of tea, how tea is made, different kinds of tea, how to brew the perfect cup of tea, tea pots and strainers and other gadgets, and much more. It was very interesting. The best part, of course, was tasting several kinds of tea after class and enjoying some biscuits with the teas. 
We were able to sample six kinds of tea. As expected, my favorite was the black tea while SP really liked the oolong and green teas. Margaret also told us that the fruit tisane tea could be eaten like trail mix! I didn't try it that way, but SP popped a few dried bits into his mouth and crunched away. He said it was tasty.
I am very happy we finally made it to one of the classes. Not only did I learn new things about tea, but it was a great refresher for what I already know about tea but had forgotten!
Margaret gave each student a goodie bag filed with Assam, Kyoto Rose, a tea ball, and a tea measuring scoop. We also bought several teas to add to our tea drawer: Clementine Clove (deliciously clove-y and a great autumn tea), Lemon (we have been looking to replenish our supply of this tea and hadn't had any luck so finding some at Margaret's made us very happy), Cinnamon (one of my favorite tea flavors and a great autumn tea), Pan Fired, and a Milk Oolong (those 2 are for SP). We were happy to discover that she sticks the Metropolitan teas, which we really enjoy.
I think we're set for a while!

In addition to tea, one of my favorite things is reading. I read a lot. I can sit and read for hours at a time. I become so engrossed that the house could probably collapse around me and I wouldn't notice! A wonderful afternoon is curling up in the recliner with a cup of hot tea and reading all afternoon long. Today is the perfect day for that. It's rainy and dreary and I have the new Kathy Reichs book to read by Thursday (when it is due back at the library). So this afternoon I will be enjoying some new tea from Margaret's and reading Bones Are Forever

Tea + Books = Happiness. 

Which brings me to one of my favorite quotes. My mom found a mug with this quote on it and bought it for me. She thought it entirely appropriate given that since I was a wee, little girl I have devoured books and sipped tea (though only wee, little cups of tea when I was a wee, little girl!).

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough, or a book long enough to suit me." - CS Lewis

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review of our tea class.

    People can buy the classes online now at http://www.pittsburghcuppa.com/nesaev.html