Monday, October 15, 2012

Charleston Crab Soup

Last week I was flipping through our beat up copy of The Joy of Cooking, looking for soup inspiration, when I saw a recipe for Charleston Crab Soup. It caught my eye because we spent part of our honeymoon in Charleston, we loved Charleston, and SP loves crab soup. So I scanned the ingredients, realized we had all of them, and suggested it to SP for dinner. He agreed.

The ingredients:
hot sauce
This is very easy to make and not very time consuming, but our results were so-so. There was a lot of crab, which was good, but someone had neglected to really pick through and discard all the teeny weeny shell bits before adding it to the soup, so we kept crunching bits of shell and having to pick bits of shell of out our mouths as we ate. Yuck. We noticed our last can of crab had a lot of shell bits, too, so we are kind of disappointed in our recent crab purchases.

There is no broth, just whole milk, so it's not an especially healthy soup. I suppose you could make it with a lower fat milk, or substitute some fish stock for some milk. We ate our soup with lots of steamed broccoli.
Our soup lacked the usual pinkish color, which is likely because we didn't use the crab roe. But it also seemed to lack some other flavor. So one afternoon, I researched crab soup recipes and made a list of ingredients in other recipes that were not in our recipe: mace, cayenne, paprika, lemon zest/juice, onion, tomato paste, hard boiled egg yolk. I gather the yolk is supposed to be a substitute for the roe, but we decided to not try adding hard boiled egg yolk.

When we reheated the leftovers, we added some additional flavors. Since mace is related to nutmeg, we added some freshly grated nutmeg (we don't have mace). We also added paprika. We didn't add cayenne because we already had hot sauce in the soup. The nutmeg and paprika really improved the taste of the soup and I'd definitely add them next time, and even add the cayenne in addition to the hot sauce.

Also, next time, I would saute some onions in butter and maybe some celery as well before adding the flour and milk. I'm not sure I'd substitute any kind of broth for some of the milk, I didn't really see that as an ingredient in any other recipes, but I did see heavy cream in several recipes. That would make the soup richer and creamier and yummier, but even less healthy!

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  1. I like it, and it must taste delicious. The most important thing is it is health. Now, more and more poeple look for the health food instead of fast food. This soup is nutritious and low fat. I consdier this recipes is also work with using the cod instead of crab,i will try it..haha
    Thanks for you share this wonderful soup.