Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie

A couple of weeks ago, I wanted cookies. Specifically, I really, really wanted biscotti. But SP wasn't in the mood for biscotti. I was sad and may have pouted a bit but then suggested good old chocolate chip cookies instead. He agreed.

The problem was, I haven't liked our chocolate chip cookies. I don't like the Toll House recipe because they always come out too thin and crispy and kind of greasy. I prefer thick and chewy. I always liked the recipe on the side of the butter flavored Crisco shortening package, but the idea of baking with shortening always grosses out SP. He makes 2 exceptions: for pie crust and for the holiday sugar cookies, both of which use butter and shortening.
So we decided to finally try the chocolate chip cookie recipe in Baking Illustrated. I had resisted this recipe for so long because chocolate chip cookies are supposed to be quick & easy. Instead of just scooping balls of dough onto a cookie sheet, this recipe says to scoop out 1/4 cup dough, rip it in half, smush the halves back together with the jagged parts exposed, then place it on the cookie sheet.

But Baking Illustrated and Cook's Illustrated recipes have never disappointed. So we tried it. The result: best chocolate chip cookie ever. They are thick and chewy and soft and large and just so delicious.

About a week after we made these cookies, Brown Eyed Baker had a Chocolate Chip Cookie Throwdown. She made 4 different recipes, including this one. Her results are here.
Her taste testers rated this cookie third!! I haven't tried the top two vote getter recipes, but having just tried this recipe and being incredibly, incredibly happy with the results, I think I'll stick with this recipe for a while. These cookies were so good that I might even add chocolate chip cookies back to the holiday cookie list.

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  1. I love the recipe in my old Betty Crocker cookbook, I double the recipe and use about 3/4 c more flour than it calls for. The cookies are high, chewy and great. I don't like the flat tollhouse cookies either.