Thursday, October 25, 2012

Table Lakeside for Lunch

Last Saturday was one of our 'lots of errands & shopping' days. After a morning appointment, instead of a quick lunch at Panera or a similar place, we decided to lunch at Table Brick Oven & Bar in Canonsburg. It was nearly 1 pm, but when we pulled into the parking lot, there was no one else there. I was a little nervous. SP went over to the door to make sure they were open (they were) but... we debated for a bit and then decided to try it anyway.
We were warmly greeted and asked where we would like to sit. We chose the terrace area, overlooking the lake (and the strip mall off in the distance). We were the only people in the restaurant. It feels really weird when you are the only ones in a restaurant. It was nice to sit in the porch-like area. There were plenty of fall colors to look out at and I wondered what it would be like in warmer weather when the garage door like windows were flipped open like garage doors.

The menu has changed since we last were at Table (June 2011) but since I'd only been there once before and so long ago, I couldn't really tell you what is different. We ordered iced teas and SP started off with a side salad.
Mixed greens, pitted kalamatas, roasted red pepper, red onions, grape tomatoes. It was a nice side salad, not too big, not too small, crisp and fresh veggies.

In addition to entree salads, flatbreads, and sandwiches, Table offers small and large portions of the entrees. SP chose the small portion of tamales.
I can't find a description on the online menu because they are not on the online menu even though they were on the printed menu and not a daily special (I think, if memory serves me right). He enjoyed them, thought it was a pretty big portion, and was not expecting the large pieces of hot pepper inside. Tender but not dry pork. Lots of hearty, filling cornmeal.
I chose the small portion of Chicken Romano with Linguine Rosa.
I thought it was just OK, but I also wasn't feeling very well, so perhaps my taste buds were clouded by whatever allergy-like thing I was experiencing? The chicken size was just OK, and it was a bit dry. The egg-romano batter was really oozing out past the chicken and was very eggy. I had to cut away a lot of it to get to the chicken in the middle of the blob. The linguine rosa was quite tasty. A creamy tomato sauce, not too heavy.
My impressions are the same as before: it's a nice location, our server was very friendly, but the quality and portion size just didn't seem to fit the price. I might go back, especially if we again want a more leisurely, sit down kind of lunch and are in the area for errands, but it's not high on my list.

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