Friday, October 5, 2012

Why I Can't Wear White Out

Our dining out experiences have been spur of the moment decisions recently. Planning meals out seems to be a thing of the past!
This past weekend, we were out & about in Robinson and decided to try the new Burgatory location in Robinson. It's where Scoglio's used to be, in the same area as Panera, Pier One, Game Stop, and Chipotle.
We used our phones at Costco and discovered that at 5 pm there was an estimated wait of 65-75 minutes. I called to see if you could add your name to the list via phone, but, no, you must go in to add your name/give them your cell phone number for the No Wait service. A little annoying, but we drove over to give them our name, planning to head back over to Kirkland's while we waited. It turned out that the wait for a table for 2 was 30-45 minutes, so instead we went to Pier One (for me) and Game Stop (for him). After just 30 minutes our table was ready. Not a bad wait. (They said you have 10 minutes from when you get your text message that your table is ready to get back to the restaurant.)
I like the interior of this location better than the one in Fox Chapel/Waterworks. It seems a bit roomier but it's still noisy inside. It was easier for me to see the TVs at the bar. We've been to Burgatory several times before and made our decisions quickly. Iced teas for both of us, a beer for SP, the daily special goat burger for SP, and chicken burger with cheddar, bacon, avocado, arugula, greens, cucumber, tomato, bourbon BBQ on brioche for me.
I think the above photo is the goat burger: Caribbean Jerk Crusted Goat Burger w/ Provolone, Conch Fritter, Grilled Pineapple, Cilantro Cream & Field Greens. Below is my chicken:
SP really liked his goat burger. Normally I don't like chips, but these potato chips are so good! We both ate most of them. As usual, I really enjoyed my sandwich. I love brioche buns, the veggies were fresh and crispy, lots of bacon and avocado.

My only 'complaint' is that I can never manage to eat a sandwich this loaded with goodies without making a mess! This time, a pesky chunk of avocado shot out the side and made the perfect leap down my sleeve. The sleeve of my white shirt. There was smushed avocado on the inside. Sigh. It's very difficult to get avocado out of white.
After eating the sandwiches, we decided to have a shake for dessert. We chose the special Choco Taco shake.
 It was delicious! Bits of peanuts and crunch bars and waffle cone mixed in the shake.

We are so happy to have a Burgatory in the area. They have had so many interesting sounding shakes over the past few months that I didn't get to try because Fox Chapel just isn't close enough to drop by for a shake. But now... well, this could be dangerous.

A couple weeks ago, after furniture shopping in the Wexford area, we drove past Atria's in Wexford. We haven't been to Atria's in a while, and I remembered that they have their Oktoberfest menu now, so we did a quick turn around and went there for dinner. It was a nice dinner, a friendly and efficient server, and had the bonus of providing terrific people watching since it was homecoming night for a nearby school and we got an eyeful of current homecoming fashion. I will only say this: thank goodness we do not have children because no way would our daughter be allowed out to stagger around, sober, in stripper heels while wearing enough glitter & sequins to blind someone and a dress short enough to leave... well, not much to the imagination. Oh, I forgot to mention the feathers, as in a dress bottom that looked like a bunch of flouncy feathers.

Here's what we ate while conducting our own version of Fashion Police:
Side salad with balsamic dressing. Big enough to share.

Creamy Bavarian Cheese Soup, Swiss based. Tasty. Cheesy. 

Sherry Crab Bisque, one of SP's favorites

Daily Special: Trout with Asparagus. SP said it was tasty. I think that was a balsamic glaze on the trout.

Breaded veal topped with fried onions on top a potato pancake and covered with gravy. Nice thickness to the veal, a wee bit tough, tasty potato pancake, tasty onion straws. 
I'm going to blame my mishap at this dinner on the homecoming girls. The sequins must have blinded me. As I was eating the salad, I managed to loose control of some lettuce and dribbled it down the front of my white shirt. As it bounced down, it left a lovely trail of balsamic dressing. Whoops. Classy.

Clearly, I should not ever wear white when I eat since this was 2 weekends in a row of white shirts and me dribbling difficult to wash out food on the shirts.

But, these are 2 yummy local chains. We are sad that Atria's left Robinson several years ago but excited to have Burgatory in the neighborhood. I'm looking forward to lots of shakes!

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