Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Holding Pattern

So. The holidays are over. 2012 is over. We're already 9 days into the new year. Yikes!

I am not sure that 2013 is off to a swell start. We dismantled the holiday decor right away - I was more than ready for things to get back to normal - so that made me happy. But then my stomach started having one of what I call my 'digestive distress' episodes. I have 2 existing medical conditions that can lead to digestive issues, or this could be something new (oh joy), and I haven't had an episode like this in 13 months, but oh does it stink. This time, I can't pinpoint what food is the root cause (usually I can) but since the second day of this new year, I've been downing various stomach/indigestion/acid medicines. As usual, nothing really works and I just have to wait it out, and usually it takes about 2 weeks for things to get back to normal. Hopefully by the middle of next week I'll be feeling better. It'd be nice to not have agonizing cramping every time I eat something.

So that means that we haven't cooked anything new & exciting. After all the holiday baking, we sure aren't doing any baking right now. Thanks to my digestive distress, we aren't going out to eat. I decided to skip the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week kick off party tomorrow because of my digestive distress. I am also skipping the food blogger dinner since I am not sure I will feel better. Right now, I'm eating a lot of crackers and working my way through a huge batch of Chicken Noodle Soup that we made in the crock pot on Sunday.

We went to see Flashdance last weekend, the second show in our season of PNC Broadway Across America shows. I wish I could say I loved it, but the truth is I didn't really enjoy it all that much. It seemed not as entertaining, not as polished, not as... special as many of the other shows I've seen. Coming up next: Les Miserables. I haven't seen it in 20+ years, not since my mom had season tickets and I went with her to a lot of the shows.

We are finished with the basement project, as in we are finished with the part where we have people come in and do work for us. Now it's a matter of finding some cabinets for storage and some furniture, plus we are looking for some new furniture for our upstairs living room. So that means weekend trips to furniture stores... again... and yes, we did just go to what seems like every single furniture store in the Pittsburgh area last fall in our search for a new upstairs couch. Neither of us is much thrilled about this new furniture search, but... We did a bit of it last fall when we were looking for the couch, but ultimately didn't find any pieces we liked so we decided to just get the couch and leave the rest for later. I guess now is later...! We do love our new couch, though.

And I have a new toy to learn how to use. Googer got me a lovely camera. Since we haven't been cooking or eating out, I haven't spent much time with it yet. It's a fancy schmancy camera (not point and click) so I might need to take a class!! One night my dad and SP watched me take 100+ photos of some loose leaf tea as I tried to figure out how to use the camera and then what the differences between the settings are.

So hopefully by the end of next week I'll be out of this 'holding pattern.' Hopefully I'll be able to eat normal food again, dine out again, and know how to use my new camera -- and the blog will get a bit more exciting!

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  1. Hope you feel better! You may just have the bug that is going around. My daughter missed school 2 days, but was sick for about 7 with headache and severe stomach upset.
    I'll be waiting for your next post with pic's from the new camera!