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Our final stop for Pittsburgh Restaurant Week was last Sunday evening at Mediterrano. It's on Babcock Blvd not far from Ross Park Mall. Our reservations were for 6 pm and we got there just a few minutes early. We were seated right away. There were only 2 other tables occupied but within minutes, the place was full of people sipping their BYOB wine, laughing, talking, and enjoying themselves.
The interior is cozy and inviting. Deep orange walls, square tables covered with white tablecloths, some lively (presumably Greek) music playing. Our server was very friendly. She brought iced tea for SP and hot tea for me and then took our orders. We both chose the PRW menu and additionally we ordered the Saganaki:
Fried cheese, with lots of oil and lemon and brandy sauce. Quite tasty. We also started with a complimentary basket of red pepper-hummus dip and pita:
I only tried a wee bite of the dip since I figured it had garlic in it. The pita was warm and tasty. It didn't take SP long to scrape out every last bit of the dip with his pita. He really liked this. I don't think it was too garlicky, but other than that, it was a pretty standard dip of red pepper & hummus. SP said it was mild, with a decent red pepper taste, and it was fine.
SP's first course was soup: Avgolemono, silky egg, lemon, and rice soup. He said it had a very nice lemon flavor, it was smooth, and it was warming on a cold evening.
My first course was salad: fresh spinach, toasted walnuts, Fuji apples, and dried cranberries, tossed in a walnut vinaigrette. I really enjoyed the thick, walnutty dressing. I really like salads of spinach-apples-nuts so this was a hit for me.
My entree course was the Roasted Lamb Shoulder Stuffed Ravioli with lamb gravy and fresh mozzarella. There were six, huge, rectangular shaped ravioli stuffed with shredded lamb. The lamb was delicious, the pasta was delicious.
There was a lot of gravy, and while it was good, it proved quite messy for me. Every bite I took resulted in gravy all over my face! After about 1.5 ravioli, I found myself wishing there was another flavor component to this dish, something besides lamb and ravioli and mozzarella. Maybe some rosemary, some olives, something. It was good, but it could have been great with another ingredient. When I reheated the leftovers the next day for lunch, I scraped off  a lot of the gravy and that made it much easier and neater to eat.
SP's entree was Wild Sockey Salmon, Pan-Seared and Topped with a Roasted Leek & Pepper Sauce over Wild Rice. He said it was very good and flavorful. The salmon was crispy on the outside and still moist on the inside, a wee bit salty but not so much as to be inedible or unpleasant. The sauce was ratatouille like, the rice a nice mix of textures, and it all worked well together, making a tasty dish.
The third course, dessert, was baklava, a choice of original, raspberry, or chocolate. SP chose raspberry, I chose chocolate. Both were interesting and tasty variations of baklava/ I really like the chocolate one, but towards the end, it got a little too rich, a little too chocolaty, and I found myself wishing that we had cut our baklava in half and shared with each other. I could have used more than just a taste of the raspberry and less than an entire chocolate baklava.
We both enjoyed dining at Mediterrano. Service was good, food was tasty. We would come back to try the regular menu.

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