Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Treats

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday - but in our house, we were not very interested in the game. If the Steelers and/or Giants aren't in the big game, we can't get very excited. We made some snacks to enjoy and we watched the commercials and enjoyed a more leisurely than normal Sunday afternoon/evening, which was quite nice.

We did not go anywhere to watch the game, we did not have people over to watch the game. It was just us. Us eating this food:
For Munching & Crunching: Homemade Chex Mix. It might be hard to believe, but I had never before made Homemade Chex Mix! We didn't have any seasoned salt, so we looked up a recipe and made our own. We also didn't have any onion powder or garlic powder, so we didn't use any. In addition to the Chex cereals, we added Cheez Its, pretzels, and peanuts.
For Dessert: Rice Krispies Treats. They make me all ooey and gooey and sticky and make me feel like a little kid. I love them! With a few leftover marshmallows I enjoyed this in the afternoon:
Afternoon Drink Treat: Spiced Nutella Hot Cocoa. I don't often drink hot cocoa. More than 2-3 ounces of milk a day (in a latte) usually bothers me (I think I have some stomach issues with dairy so I try to avoid too much milk, ice cream, etc.). But the marshmallows were just begging to be dipped in some hot cocoa. Plus it has been very cold and snowy. SP preferred his hot cocoa with whipped cream. Lots of it. More than what is in that photo. I think I satisfied my hot cocoa craving and am set for another year.
For Dinner: Tacos. Chicken Tacos with our homemade taco seasoning. Neither of us likes the packages of taco seasoning. Usually SP 'wings it' and just sprinkles in stuff from various jars, but I am not sure which flavors I like most in my taco seasoning, how much heat or warmth or spice I like, etc., and I'd never been especially satisfied with the random sprinkling. So I wanted a recipe with definite amounts and then I can go from there there and tinker with the proportions. We used this recipe, omitting the garlic and onion powders since we didn't have them. We used smoked paprika instead of regular paprika.
We used the crock pot to braise chicken breasts in beer, water, and onion. Then we shredded it, put it in a skillet, and added the taco seasoning, some diced onion, and a bit of water. I like that it wasn't too wet - sometimes our taco meat seems too wet and then it's a huge mess.

All the fixings:
Cheddar cheese, tomato, cucumber, spinach, carrots, tomato, sour cream, guacamole. I know the spinach & carrot seem a bit odd, but we bought those ingredients for another dish this week, so we decided to use up the extra with the tacos. The cucumber might seem odd, too, but I really like the coolness of cucumber against the spice/heat of taco meat. I wanted flour tortillas, SP had whole wheat shells. Here is my mess of a taco (I mix everything together):
 Here are SP's more normal looking tacos:
I really liked this taco seasoning. It made my mouth tingle a bit but didn't leave me with that icky taste I usually have after eating spicy/hot foods or certain chips like Doritos. I felt like it had flavor and not just heat/spice demanding that I guzzle glass after glass of water. I wouldn't tinker with it at all. SP liked it, too. I was worried it wouldn't pack enough punch for him, but he said he liked it and that this seasoning was good for future taco nights. He can always load up on his hot taco sauce.

Our guacamole was wimpy, too. Just mashed avocado, sea salt, lime juice, and a pinch of cayenne. None of that disgusting cilantro stuff, no toxic garlic, no jalapenos or chiles. Yum!

The food was great. The game... not so great. It turned out that as soon as the Ravens scored their first points, I realized just how much I dislike them and I spent the rest of the game cheering for the 49ers. Sadly, my cheering was in vain.

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