Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cheese Filled Doughnuts

It's no secret that we really enjoy dining at Big Burrito restaurants Eleven & Casbah. It's also no secret that every birthday when we receive the Big Burrito Birthday coupon, we make plans to celebrate at a Big Burrito restaurant. For his birthday this year, SP chose Casbah. We went this past Sunday and enjoyed a lovely, relaxed, tasty meal. Here's what we ate:
Warm bread served with butter topped with sea salt and a Greek yogurt/cheese like spread

The sea salt topped butter was good, but we couldn't get enough of the creamy spread and ate 2 scoops of it

Warm bread

SP's appetizer: Charred Spanish Octopus, fennel, blood orange, parsley, prosciutto, sherry gastrique

A closer, but blurrier, look at the octopus

Arugula Salad for me, my usual choice, arugula with goat cheese, pancetta, crimini mushrooms, and potato cubes with pancetta vinaigrette

SP's entree: Wild Striped Bass, mussels, gnocchi, cannellini beans, kale, caramelized onions, tomato~saffron broth 

My entree: Lamb Loin, polenta, root vegetables, lamb confit, pickled mustard seeds, sage, lamb jus

SP's dessert: Lemon Polenta Cake, Meyer lemon curd, blood orange compote, almond brittle

My dessert: Cheese Doughnuts, ricotta cheese filled doughnuts, lemon confit, lemon ice cream
Obviously, the highlight of the meal for me was the cheese filled doughnuts. I love doughnuts, I love cheese. I also love lamb, and arugula with mushrooms & pancetta. And I love wine - I enjoyed a glass of cabernet sauvignon and after dinner, with dessert, decaf coffee. I was one happy, slightly overstuffed girl.

Casbah remains one of our favorite restaurants, with wonderful service and tasty food.

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