Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Everyday Noodles

These days it seems like noodles are everywhere. Usually when 'something' is 'everywhere,' when it seems like everyone is blogging/tweeting/whatever-ing about something, I get annoyed and dig in my heels and refuse to partake in the sudden rush of love for the latest 'hot' thing that one simply must go try. But I made an exception for noodles.

Why? Maybe my love of pasta/noodles/dumplings. Maybe because SP tried Ramen Bar a few weeks ago and ever since has mentioned them nearly every day as a place I really need to try because they were so gosh darn tasty. Maybe I was getting a little tired of him talking about noodles. Maybe because we were in Squirrel Hill last weekend for a nephew's 5th birthday party and decided to take advantage of being in the area to visit a few of our favorite places and have dinner at a new place. In this case, dinner at Everyday Noodles.
After stopping at Margaret's Fine Imports to buy some tea (and by some I mean we kind of overdid it by purchasing 3 new kinds in addition to re-stocking 4 kinds), we crossed the street to enter Everyday Noodles. They were pretty full, but we were seated right away at a table that had just been cleared off. It was early for dinner for us (5 pm) but we hadn't eaten all that much during the day. Some yogurt, jelly toast, and birthday cake for me. I wanted 'real' food, but not a lot of it. So we decided to share an order of Pork Short Rib Noodle Soup Consomme, pictured above. We had the choice of thin or wide noodles and chose thin.

Everyday Noodles makes their noodles. When you enter, you can see the noodle makers behind a window, tossing and whacking noodles around, stuffing and shaping dumplings, entertaining the diners. The short rib was tender and yummy, the noodles were very tasty though quite long so I had to make lots of slurping noises and make a splashy mess as I bit noodles off my chopsticks. My favorite part - I didn't find the consomme too salty, which is a frequent complaint of mine.
We also shared an order of Pork & Crab Meat Soup Dumplings. I thought I would get the majority of these because they were dumplings, but, no. SP thought these were so tasty that he tried to eat more than his fair share and I almost had to stab him with the chopsticks. The owner came around and showed us how to eat them: place the dumpling on the spoon, add some vinegar & soy from the bottles on the table, top with a sliver of ginger, and enjoy. The spoon catches the soup inside the dumpling that spurts out when you bite into the soup dumpling and that way, you get all the tasty broth.
We wanted to order more food because it was so tasty, but we were pretty full, so we didn't. There are many appetizers that SP wants to try and I want to try potstickers and a rice dish plus enjoy more noodles and more soup dumplings! I want all of the food!

It's a fun & friendly place, casual. It can get loud and you'll hear your neighbor's conversations. The servers and owner are friendly, coming around frequently to talk about the decor or the food or just whatever. We really enjoyed our meal and would definitely go back.

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  1. Thanks for the review. The tip about the soup dumplings is helpful. I'm looking forward to trying the place out today!