Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Almond Citrus Biscotti

It seems like we've taken a good, long break from cookie baking. Maybe we baked too much last Christmas? I think we made a batch of Orange Chocolate Shortbread Cookies at Easter when the Hot Milk Sponge Cake turned out not so great, and we made Apple Pie Bars instead of Apple Pie, but there definitely has not been much cookie baking happening in our kitchen.
And that's a shame, because when we finally baked this past weekend, the results were phenomenal. Maybe I was just ice creamed out after 3 weeks of Strawberry Ice Cream for dessert (gosh that recipe made a lot of ice cream, and SP wasn't eating much of it, and I was having small amounts, so it lasted way too long). We turned to a cookie we first made in October 2009 but hadn't made since: Almond Citrus Biscotti. Three and a half years since we made these! Far too long.
 We made a couple of changes:

1. We mixed the almonds into the dough instead of sprinkling them on top.
2. We made two large logs instead of 4 smaller logs.
3. We sprinkled raw sugar on top the logs.
4. As usual we used more citrus zest than in the recipe.
5. We baked the logs for 35-40 minutes.
Thee are so good! Even better than I remember. Hard but not too hard - so it's possible to eat them un-dunked but also possible to dunk them in tea and have a delicious moist treat that doesn't disintegrate. Lots of citrus flavor. Next time I might use almond extract instead of vanilla extract to pump up the almond flavor, which wasn't especially noticeable. Or maybe use lemon or orange extract instead of vanilla extract for more citrus flavor.

Recipe here: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/almond-citrus-biscotti

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