Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Herby Cucumber Salad

Last week in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Food Section was a recipe for Herby Cucumber Salad. We love cucumbers and it looked like a great way to use a bunch of herbs we have been growing out on the deck: mint, parsley, and dill.
We always have plain yogurt, lemons, and mustard on hand. We also had some cucumber on hand because SP has been stopping at the farmers market on Fridays after work and buying 2 cucumbers and 2 zucchini for a grand total of $2. So we decided to try it.
Delicious. Refreshing. Herby. We omitted the garlic and the red onion but the herb flavors are so darn flavorful and fresh that I do not think those 2 ingredients are necessary. It's not a thick coating of dressing, it's very light. I think this dish is going to go into frequent rotation during the summer.

Article and recipe here.

*We made a full amount of dressing but only used half of it on one cucumber on Saturday. This morning I cut the other cucumber and mixed it with the other half of the dressing. I thought the cucumbers and dressing would get too watery after a day so I figured I'd keep them separate until we were ready to eat them.

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