Monday, June 17, 2013

Tiramisu Ice Cream

I wrote this post before I fell and broke my hip. Since that day, I have not really wanted any ice cream. But before I fell, I was a little obsessed with ice cream. Cool and creamy, perfect on those recent hot days. My obsession led to me deciding to finally purchase David Lebovitz's The Perfect Scoop. There are so many ice creams and sorbets and granitas that I want to try, and not nearly enough weeks in the summer, but of course SP knew what my first choice of ice cream to try would be: Tiramisu.
I love tiramisu. I can't really pick a favorite dessert because there are just so many delicious and drool-worthy desserts out there, but tiramisu would definitely be in the top 10. Maybe Top 5.
I was a little unsure about this recipe. 'Everyone' seemed to rave about this ice cream, but 'everyone' also raved about a Blueberry-Sour Cream ice cream from Dorie Greenspan and when SP and I tried it, we both really disliked it. As in we let more than half melt down the drain disliked it. We also tried a Lemon-Buttermilk ice cream, I'm not remembering the source, and also disliked it. It was another melt down the drain ice cream. There were 1 or 2 other dislikes in our ice cream adventures, and we noticed they all seemed to share this: either no eggs and/or an addition of an ingredient like sour ream, buttermilk, etc.
This Tiramisu Ice Cream does not use eggs. Thus far, cooked custard bases have been my favorite ice creams. And this ice cream uses mascarpone, which to us qualifies as an addition of an extra, creamy-ish ingredient. And, it calls for a lot of booze, more than I thought would allow it to properly freeze. But 'everyone' swore it the best ice cream ever and oh so good and no one else seemed to have any mishaps, so...
Well. Not us. I am pretty sure we won't be making this again. Perhaps because we made just a half batch, perhaps I halved incorrectly (doubtful because we both did the halving math to double check what we were measuring),  but...

We made the base & the chocolate ripple on a Saturday evening, put them in the refrigerator overnight, churned the base Sunday morning and layered it with the ripple in our usual container, and then the ice cream sat in the freezer until Monday evening around 9 pm when we decided it was ice cream time. Which was when we discovered that it wasn't frozen. At all. It was liquid ice cream. And SP hadn't even 'accidentally' left the freezer cracked open (which happened last summer and our mango and lemon sorbets turned into liquid). I was not happy: it seemed my booze fears came true - way too much booze for it to freeze. Grrr.

But the next night, it was frozen, perhaps because we threw it in the back of the freezer in frustration and perhaps that area was a colder area? But once scooped out, it still melted quickly. Too quickly.

And it's a little too boozy, flavor-wise. Yes, tiramisu has booze in it and can taste boozy, but... this was a little too much, especially with the rapid melting.

Given the cost of the mascarpone, even for just a half recipe, plus the other costs and efforts, I think I give this one just a 'meh, probably won't ever make again' review.

Recipe can be found online here: or here:

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