Monday, July 29, 2013

Attempt #4: Braised Lamb with Lemon & Mint

A week or so after I came home from the hospital, SP came home from grocery shopping and approached me with a combination of excitement and meekness. He had discovered lamb shanks, the whole shank, not simply the osso bucco cut, at Market District, on sale, and had picked up two packages. Usually when he buys something not on the official grocery shopping list, I give him a hard time, but not this time. Yum!

We're still looking for the perfect, go-to lamb braise recipe, so we tried a new one for the first package of shanks: Mint & Lemon Braised Lamb Shanks from Cover & Bake.
The usual: onion, carrots, celery. In addition, lemon halves, some fresh mint, and tomato paste. White wine and chicken stock for the liquid. The shanks are finished with some grated lemon peel & chopped fresh mint.

This time, after the shanks were finished, we pureed the solids and liquid together. This was still tasty, if a bit of an unappetizing orange color, but in the future, I'd rather eat the chunks of carrot and celery than puree them.

The lamb was moist and tender, easily pulling away from the bone with just a fork. I really like citrus, so I really enjoyed the bright, citrus flavor of the lemon. The mint was refreshing and so much better than mint jelly with lamb (I find that disgusting!). The white wine~chicken stock~lemon is a great braising liquid for the warmer summer months, but I think in cooler months, I would prefer a red wine~beef broth~tomato liquid. 
We made roasted mustard-butter cauliflower topped with fresh parsley to go with the lamb and bought bread to eat as well but we were so full from the lamb and cauliflower that we didn't eat the bread!

Recipe can be found here.

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