Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Classic Ragu Bolognese

Last winter, my mom called to tell me about a delicious pasta dish she made: Classic Ragu Bolognese from Bon Appetit. She and my dad love this recipe. Since SP won't eat beef/veal, I was resigned to not being able to try this dish, but every time she raved about it, I was a bit jealous.
But since mom is here, helping us while I recover, and since it sounded really tasty, she decided to make it for us.
It simmered all afternoon and the house smelled so wonderful. Ground beef, ground veal, pancetta. Onions, carrots, celery. Red wine, tomato paste, beef broth, milk.
 And of course, parmesan to top the finished dish!
This was delicious! I now know why mom and dad like it so much. Mom said that she usually serves the sauce with penne, but she bought DeLallo Fettuccine this time.

In each bite, I could taste the beef and veal and pancetta - the pancetta gave it a nice salty bite. The bolognese looks like it might be dry, but it wasn't. It was definitely moist. This DeLallo pasta was very good, too. It wasn't a boxed pasta. It was this: DeLallo Fettuccine Egg Pasta. We had not tried this kind of DeLallo pasta before.

A few 'tips:' mom trimmed the fat from the pancetta and bought very, very lean meats to keep the grease factor as low as possible. She used 2.5 cups of beef broth. She spent quite some time finely chopping her vegetables but if I made this, I would probably used the food processor and maybe even process the vegetables so much that they turn into a bit of a chunky paste.
Definitely a make again dish, and I'm glad we have enough leftovers for 1-2 more meals.

SP did not eat the ragu bolognese. I offered him a taste and he refused. Instead he ate this:
A grilled chicken burger seasoned with seasoned salt, topped with melted Swiss, and placed on top half a whole wheat bagel from Market District. He ate some tomatoes on the side.

It looked so sad next to the pasta.

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