Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Country Confections in Canonsburg

Managing to fall out of  a chair, break a hip, and have surgery to insert metal parts to repair your hip doesn't have many upsides. One upside is get well wishes from family & friends. Not just flowers and cards, but treats as well, and we all know how I adore sweet treats. One day SP's mom stopped by and delivered a basket filled with sweet treats from Country Confections Chocolate in Canonsburg.
There were a lot of tasty treats in the basket. SP and I shared a Gourmet Apple - an apple covered in chocolate and caramel and nuts. It was good - sweet, and a little tough to chew from the caramel but with lots of nuts.
There also was some chocolate and caramel covered popcorn.
HUGE strawberries covered in chocolate.
I used a knife to cut the strawberry into small bites!
One of my favorites - Turtle Pretzel. A pretzel covered in chocolate and caramel and nuts.
Lots of fudge.

There also were homemade marshmallows covered in chocolate and a S'mores Marshmallow - a deliciously creamy marshmallow sandwiched between graham crackers and covered in chocolate. The marshmallows were probably my favorite - I love homemade marshmallows! Sadly, I didn't take any photos of them.

We have devoured all the treats and enjoyed them. Many thanks to SP's mom for bringing them! Usually when I think of Canonsburg + Chocolate I think Sarris, but for different and equally tasty chocolate treats, definitely try Country Confections, especially for the marshmallows and turtle pretzel. It's on Route 19 S near Cardello Lighting.

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