Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Favorite Ice Cream

Oh favorite ice cream. It's nearly August and we have just made you for the first time this year. We only enjoy ice cream in warmer months, our house is too cold in the winter, and sadly, we have been side tracked not just by a fractured hip but we have been seduced by other ice creams. My apologies.
Those other ice creams are delicious, and I did so enjoy them, licking the bowls clean, but in spite of their coolness and creaminess, I still pined for you. Every weekend, I mentioned your name. SP rolled his eyes. He mentioned other ice cream flavors. My mom made a face. But I was persistent. I was insistent. And this past weekend, the long wait was over. SP cooked your 6 egg yolk custard. He measured your heavy whipping cream and whole milk. He melted your creamy chocolate and mixed it with cocoa powder. And 24 hours later, I was reunited with you.
It was worth the wait. Creamy. Smooth. Silky, Chocolaty. Rich. A hint of cinnamon. A hint of heat from cayenne.

So worth the wait. You are still my favorite homemade ice cream. Especially when you are plopped on top of a homemade pizzelle.

Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream. Recipe from Simply Recipes, found here.

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