Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Today was the appointment with the surgeon who inserted the screws to fix the hip fracture. The x-rays showed that the screws are still in the proper position and there is no sign of the fracture, which means it is healed. Yay! This doesn't mean that when I walked out of the medical building at 11 am that everything was magically back to normal. I still have a hard time rolling onto that side/sleeping on that side (in fact, I am still sleeping in the recliner and not in our bed), it's still difficult/impossible to twist/bend certain ways, and I still can't get my sock on that foot, but it does mean that I do not have to worry about screwing up the screws!

So that's the medical news, now back to food news:

A couple of weeks ago, SP & I decided to go to a place at which we had not dined for 4 years: Dinette. Our last visit recap is here. Friends who live close to Dinette and frequently dine there have raved about the shishito peppers and pizzas. SP has frequently mentioned Dinette, and the peppers, for 4 years, so we decided to finally return.
Dinette's menu changes frequently, and since we dined there a couple of weeks ago, I might not remember the correct descriptions of the food we enjoyed. The photo above is the shishito peppers SP ordered, served with goat cheese, almonds, fleur de sel, and olive oil. Since he loves peppers, he loved this dish. The heat of the pepper was offset by the creamy and cool goat cheese.
I ordered a plate of tomatoes from the rooftop, with a long strip of cucumber, red onions, arugula and a creamy gorgonzola dressing. The presentation was beautiful. The tomatoes were delicious and juicy, just as they should be this time of year. The creamy gorgonzola dressing was good, too, not too tangy but just enough of that gorgonzola bite to keep you wanting more.
Dinette's main meals are pizzas. SP chose the Prosciutto (arugula, parmesan, mozzarella, and tomato).
I chose the Fresh Ricotta (rooftop basil, fresh mozzarella, tomato).

So I still feel the same way as last time, which is somewhat vaguely disappointed but not really able to pinpoint why. Yes, I know Dinette uses local and organic foods and grows some foods on their rooftop. Yes, I knew full well going in what the pizzas were going to cost. The pizzas were good, just not great, to me, for the cost. The crust is thin, but supports the toppings and isn't soggy. It's chewy crust, which isn't my thing, and I thought the edges were a bit too charred.

As for my tomato appetizer dish, I thought it was pricey ($10) for the amount actually on the plate, especially compared to appetizers/salads I've had at other similar pizza/pasta restaurants.

I can't quite put my finger on why, but I am not at ease inside Dinette. I thought that last time my unease was because we were there early and were the only people dining. But this time, we went later and were seated at one of two remaining tables and I still felt uneasy. I don't know if it's too bright inside (the huge glass walls/windows let a lot of sunlight in and we've only been there between 5 pm and 7 pm in summer, when the sun is still brightly shining), if it was the loud child (which annoys me when I dine out), if it's because we were seated near the door (so incoming patrons got to stare at us and our table as they waited to be seated)... I don't know. I just know I have been uncomfortable both times.

The last time we dined at Dinette, I had not yet dined at Piccolo Forno or Cucina Bella and it had been quite a while since Il Pizzaiolo. Since then, we have dined at those places several times, and I can now say that I much prefer Piccolo Forno or Cucina Bella for a meal like this. That being said, if a group of friends wanted to have a meal at Dinette, I wouldn't pout and be sad.

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