Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Grilled Shrimp with Tomato-Bacon-Mint Rice

We made this dish for dinner a few weeks ago, and I am just now getting around to writing about it. This recipe was in the Pittsburgh Post-GazetteTomato Red Rice with Sweet Mint Dressing.
For me, it was a given that this would be a delicious meal. Bacon? It makes everything tasty. Mint? I love fresh mint plus, we have lots growing out on the deck. Tomatoes? I can't get enough of them in the summer. Asparagus and/or zucchini? Probably my two favorite vegetables. Honey? I love honey flavor mixed into marinades and dressings. Red rice? A southern dish that makes me think of Charleston & Savannah and all the amazing food we ate on our honeymoon.
This recipe can be a little time consuming, but while SP was manning the grill, mom and I were frying bacon and cooking rice - white rice for us, brown rice for SP. We grilled both asparagus and zucchini for this dish and we decided to grill shrimp (seasoned with lemon & pepper) to serve alongside the red rice.
This was just as delicious as I had hoped. SP always does a great job grilling shrimp. The rice had a nice tomato flavor without being too tomato-y and the rice had a wonderful bacon flavor. The dressing was sweet, not just from the honey but also because we used mirin which is rice wine and not rice vinegar but for some reason I thought our mirin would work/be interchangeable with rice vinegar. It tasted OK, but was a little too strong and a little too sweet. A little bit of dressing went a long way! The mint brightened everything up.
We had a lot of leftover rice, which was OK because it was so tasty, but after finishing the rice, we were tomato-bacon-riced out! But we would definitely make this again next summer - with rice vinegar and not mirin.

Note: I forgot to pour dressing on the rice before taking photos, so there isn't any dressing with mint bits in the photos. I realized the mistake after taking photos, when I went to eat it, but didn't feel like taking more photos because I was so hungry.

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