Monday, August 5, 2013

Return to Burgatory

I am gradually starting to be more active. Nine full weeks gone, 3 more to go. Of course being more active also means I am having more aches and icing the hip more, but at least I am doing more. I think we finally might be able to get back to our normal routine of dining out on Saturdays. For my first Saturday out, we wanted something close to home, so we decided to go to Burgatory. SP was pretty excited about the burger of the day. I was excited to be out of the house. I also was excited that we were seated in the outdoor area, so there was lots of natural light. I was finally able to take some decent photos at Burgatory!
We met my mom there. Much to our surprise, she wanted to order an appetizer. She ordered the Six Napkin Nachos - chicken chili, poblano & jalapeno peppers, grilled corn, monterey jack & cheddar cheeses, shredded lettuce, chipotle sour cream, and fresh guacamole.

Wow. This was a large portion. It was a little too hot for me so I stuck to picking out the clean chips on the bottom of the pile and eating just a bit of cheese. It was hot for mom, too, but she really liked the nachos, as did SP. The teeny, weeny bites of the sauces and chili, etc., that I tried were very tasty (and messy!), lots of flavors exploding in my mouth, but being a wimp about hot/spicy foods, I probably would not order these again. Mom & SP would.
Of course I prefer to have one of the shakes, and the burgers are huge, so that's another reason I would skip ordering an appetizer. Above is SP's boar burger, the burger of the day. Boar with fried cheese curds, red onions, pickled banana peppers, spinach-toasted tomato-horseradish cream on brioche. He asked for it bunless and for his side, instead of chips, he ordered the slaw. His verdict - delicious. That's all I got out of him. Even without a bun it was huge.
Mom and I both ordered the crab burger. She got hers on a baguette (above) with smoked gouda, spinach, tomato, and bacon.
I ordered mine on brioche with smoked gouda, mustard, arugula, mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, and bacon. I love the crab burger. It's lots of crab, fried to deep golden brown, moist, the brioche is tasty and squishy so there's not too much bread in each bite and the toppings, well, vegetables are good for you, cheese is a must, and bacon makes everything better.
SP & I were happy to see that a special shake that we had many months ago is now on the permanent menu: Choco's Taco Shake - crushed waffle cone, fudge, peanuts, spiked with chocolate vodka, and a huge mound of fluffy whipped cream. I love the spiked shakes - the addition of liquor seems to make the dairy not bother my stomach as much. I also love the wee bits of waffle cone which somehow manage to stay crunchy even when submerged in the shake liquid. We struggled to finish it because we were so full and, sadly, they cannot give you a to-go cup for a spiked shake. I think we left maybe 2 gulps in the bottom of the glass.

We always have great servers at Burgatory and this time was no exception. The wait was 30-45 minutes, but mom got there early (she had been at the Meadows) and put our name in then sat at the bar. Once we arrived, it was about 10-15 minutes until we were seated.

A good start to returning to dining out, even if it did leave me a little too stuffed! Burgatory Bar on Urbanspoon

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