Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rumfish Grille

Last week, after my hair appointment, I was feeling pretty good. My hip wasn't hurting, it was a beautiful day, I was finally out of the house. All the good feelings meant that mom & I decided to go out to lunch. I wanted to sit outside in order to enjoy the gorgeous day, but where to go in the South Hills/West?
I remembered Rumfish Grille. They are in Bridgeville in Great Southern Shopping Center. I knew parking would be easy and easy parking is a huge deal right now. It's hard enough to get in/out of the car/wheelchair right now that I don't need to complicate it with parallel parking or curbs or parking on a hill or anything that would make it more difficult.  I also knew from tweets that they had an outdoor area.
An outdoor area with waterfall! Sadly, all the outdoor tables were taken, but we were able to sit inside right next to the giant opening to the outside area, so we got to enjoy the sunshine and waterfall.
We both chose to create our own lunch meal. Mom chose mahi mahi with grilled asparagus, fingerling potatoes, and basil compound butter.
Her butter melted nicely over the fish. She said the fish was cooked nicely, the asparagus were still crunchy with a nice charred grill flavor and the potatoes were cooked just right for her.
I chose crab cake, grilled asparagus, macaroni & cheese, and red pepper cream sauce. My asparagus was delicious! Really good asparagus. We might have to try grilling it instead of always roasting it in the oven. The macaroni and cheese was cheesy but not gloppy, rubbery cheesy. It was a little peppery, which I liked, but others might not like the black pepper. At first I thought the crabcake might taste a bit burned/too browned because it looked like it might have been fried a bit too long, but it didn't taste like that. It was just the right amount of browned for crunchiness but not too crunchy. The crabcake itself was moist, tender, full of crab flavor, and it was all crab.
I liked my red pepper cream. It seemed to be a mix of pureed red pepper and sour cream. It nicely complimented the crab cake, and I found myself dipping forkfuls of the asparagus and macaroni & cheese in the sauce, too.

We both were quite satisfied with the quality and quantity of our lunches. Each build your own lunch was $14. We both had unsweetened freshly brewed iced tea, which was nothing special (regular tea, not flavored) but at the same time was definitely not bad or weak iced tea. The hostess was very friendly and welcoming. When she saw us coming in, and again when we left, she hurried to hold open the doors for us. Our server was also very friendly and gave us time to leisurely order and enjoy our lunch.

I really liked sitting almost outside. The water feature blocks out any traffic noise that might be audible from the parking lots. It was relaxing, for me, but it was around 1~2 pm and not yet crowded. On a busy night, it might be noisier or less relaxing. The interior seems relaxing, too, deep orange color with shades of brown and bamboo. After we ate, we walked around the restaurant. There is a ramp leading up to the open kitchen and a terrific view of the outdoor area. You can sit at a around the food prep bar and watch the food being prepared or at a comfy looking booth. Down from that elevated area there is a liquor bar and a raw bar. Lots of different seating options.

I would definitely return to Rumfish Grille for lunch. I would go there for dinner but given my lack of enthusiasm for fish and the higher dinner prices it would not be my first choice. There are a lot of protein choices under 'create your own entree,' which is nice. Duck, chicken, beef, and pork for non-seafood people and I counted 11 seafood options on the online dinner menu.The shrimp & grits intrigues me, though, so maybe SP & I will have to go for dinner soon. And there is lobster bisque, which we both like a lot.

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  1. I really liked the Rumfish Grille as well. The asparagus stood out to me as well! I had the Rumfish seafood stew, it was very good, the portion was so large that my husband who had ordered catfish, finished it for me.
    I'm glad that you are feeling better