Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. This past Tuesday, I left the house! And I don't mean that I went out on the deck or front patio. I went to get my hair cut/colored. Not only was it wonderful to finally be out of the house, but it was wonderful to have shorter and non-gray hair and it was such a beautiful day that mom and I ended up going out to lunch and then taking a drive, exploring some backs roads we've never been on and seeing where they took us.

2. After my big outing, I was tired and my hip was a bit sore. Once home, I took some ibuprofen, made a cup of tea, got in my recliner, shoved the ice pack on my hip, and didn't move for 3 hours.

3. I have always followed the Pirates. I remember the last time they won the World Series. In a family scrapbook I have ticket stubs from when my grandpa took my dad to games at Forbes Field when dad was a kid. I remember visiting grandpa and him having this tiny radio that he would turn on and tune to the Pirates games on summer evenings on the back porch while grandma made us sundaes. Every year, I think it might be the year and SP laughs at me. He's not laughing now. He actually listened to/watched both games on Tuesday and then on Wednesday, he wore his Pirates shirt to work. So far SP's interest and clothing hasn't affected their winning, but...

4. As much as I was bored and annoyed with The Walking Dead a week ago, the later episodes redeemed the show. By the season finale episode, the show managed to make me care about a character I had never liked and I got a little teary. Guess I'm watching next season starting in October. Under the Dome? I can't believe it got a second season.

5. This week's books were The English Girl by Daniel Silva and Stranded by Alex Kava. I've been reading both authors for years and always enjoy the books. This time was no exception.

6. Sadness - my favorite ice cream seems to be bothering my stomach. Or else it's that I am chasing my bowl of Mexican Chocolate ice cream with a pizzelle-nutella sandwich. So last night, I didn't have any dessert, just 2 cups of Ginger Peach tea. I hope my stomach feels better soon.

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