Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. I like popcorn, but I've never been a huge fan of flavored popcorn. I was not the kid who wanted Cracker Jack. But I'm starting to change my mind. Over the weekend, we were at South Hills Village Mall and around noon, we both were a little hungry, so we went to the food court and discovered that Pittsburgh Popcorn Company has moved into the Au Bon Pain spot. PPC offers samples of their popcorn. I sampled Chocolate Waffle Cone popcorn and before I knew it we were purchasing a small bag of it. So. Good. I couldn't stop eating it while we walked around the mall and the only reason I sealed the bag back up was that we stopped at Teavana and bought iced teas, so I needed my hands free to carry tea.

We also sampled Sour Cream & Chive popcorn and it was really good, too, but I controlled myself and didn't buy more popcorn.

2. Speaking of Teavana, I love their Wild Orange Blossom tea. Pricey stuff, but good. When we are at the mall, SP always plots our route so we pass by, then he asks if I want to go in. Sometimes he asks me 2-3 times if I want to go in. That's SP code for "Please, please can I please get a cup of tea and sample all the samples?" This time we got a Peach Tranquility and a Citrus Lavender Sage, iced. He liked the Peach Tranquility better, I liked the Citrus Lavender Sage better. I liked that it wasn't too flowery and didn't leave a strong lavender aftertaste like some lavender teas I've had.

3. The whole purpose of being at the mall was to pick up our new bedspread (for the bed I cannot yet sleep in for more than 2 hours). I bought it a couple weeks ago as a pre-sale purchase. As we were standing in line to pick it up, my mom commented that the colors (maroon/burgundy/golds/browns) reminded her of a restaurant that we ate at in San Diego, the restaurant that used to be a bordello and is now decorated like a bordello. Great. I guess she was saying our bedroom is going to look like a bordello?!!!

4. My girlfriend and her family just left for 2 months in China. My mom and dad are returning to Las Vegas tomorrow. And EPAS and her family are moving far, far away this weekend. OK, just to Texas, not the other side of the world, but she went from EPAS (east PA sister) to MAS (Massachusetts sister) and now to TXS, or maybe DALS (Dallas sister). It's now a plane ride instead of a drive to visit her and her family. This makes us sad.

Everyone is leaving me!

5. I suspect my husband is leaving me, too. His new TV just arrived. This means he''ll be holed up in his mancave for the whole holiday weekend - setting it up, testing it, hooking up the thousands of game systems and gadgets and keyboards and computers and other stuff I have no idea what it does but it is vitally important to the entire NASA like set up, running wires all over the place... you get the idea. Only SP and Googer dare to touch the set up. The rest of us (me and my parents) are afraid to go near the set up.

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