Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gaby et Jules Patisseries et Macarons

Last Friday, Gaby et Jules Patisseries et Macarons opened. I mentioned the opening more than a few times to SP. Like a good husband, he can read between the lines, so he stopped by on his way to work to purchase a few treats. He probably arrived around 9:30 am and he said there was a line out the door! Since neither of us really likes macarons, which seem to be a huge draw, he bought these:
Palmiers! Huge palmiers! I love these. A bad palmier is absolutely terrible and super disappointing. These are not bad - quite the opposite. They are wonderful, thick, sticky from sugar, flaky, crunchy but not too crunchy palmiers.

He also got this:
An eclair. Light, flavorful dough; creamy, not too sweet, lightly coffee flavored pastry cream inside; light & not too sweet glaze on top.
Next time, he'll have to purchase two eclairs because next time, I won't want to share. He won't want to either!
I haven't been to this pastry shop yet. SP thought  it was wonderful and he couldn't stop describing all the treats to me. The pastries were definitely worth the cost (the above 3 treats cost us $9.80). Even though the treats were at work all day and then traveled home in a hot & humid car, they still tasted delicious, but we ate all of the treats Friday evening since we figured they would not keep well.

I am looking forward to going one day soon, but if it's as busy as it has been, perhaps I'll just keep dropping hints for SP to drop by on his way to work.

For more information, visit or read the article from last Thursday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette here.


  1. Oh man.

    I leave town for just over a week and this awesomeness happens?!

    This might warrant a special trip to Squirrel Hill.

    1. Definitely go. These were sooo good! I kind of thought G might make another Friday morning stop last Friday, but no. He didn't. So I gave him a hard time that night! I really want more from this place!