Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grilled Peach & Steak Salad with Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

All summer long, nearly every day it seemed, there was the question. "What's for dinner?" Or a variation, such as: "What's for dinner next week?" or "What are we cooking this weekend?" My blood pressure would rise every time I heard it. I started to roll my eyes every time. It is so much harder with three people than with just two people! Meals do not last as long. I was so sick & tired of coming up with dinner ideas. I know SP & mom will argue with me and dispute this, but I know the truth: they made me make 95% of the dinner decisions. That's not a 'you're so lucky' thing - it's an annoying 'how can I please everyone' thing. My mom will argue that she & dad do not eat all that differently than us, but they do. Plus, they eat between 5-6 pm while SP gets home from work between 7-7:30 pm. So meals had to be easy to portion out and reheat some at 6 pm and then reheat some more at 7 pm. Then there were mom's food allergies. Then there were SP's dietary needs - he had some issues this summer, had to adjust his diet for about a month, mostly just a carb thing but good golly have you ever tried to avoid/lower carbs around people who LOVE pasta and fresh bread? ALL OF IT DROVE ME CRAZY.
Infusing olive oil with rosemary 
Then there's the beef issue. My mom likes beef. SP does not. Unless it's happy beef. Which is pricey, especially if you're talking about a really good cut of happy cow. Mom must have mentioned steak about fifty billion times. I will eat it, but it's not really something I ever want/crave. In any event, after my eyes had rolled up into my brain one time too many and after I decided to (sort of) stop caring about pleasing everyone, and after mom showed me this recipe, I decided that one Sunday, SP was going to grill steak for this salad. He could buy himself whatever he wanted for Grilled Peach & Steak Salad Night.
I enjoy steak (beef) a lot more when it's a small amount of a meal rather than the focus of a meal. Mom bought the steaks, we marinated them in the rosemary infused olive oil for a few hours, and then SP did a terrific job of grilling them. Nicely charred on outside, slightly pink inside. We had fresh, juicy, local peaches from the farmers market that were sliced in half, brushed with olive oil, and grilled. Mom whipped up the dressing:
Homemade creamy blue cheese dressing. Blue cheese, sour cream, cayenne, chives, lemon juice, red wine vinegar. This dressing was really, really good. I would make it again just for a regular old salad night or as a veggie dip. It went especially well with the steak and peaches.
This was a terrific salad and I would definitely make it again. The tangy dressing with the charred steak and juicy peaches atop mixed greens was fantastic. Not too heavy, just filling enough. The 2 steaks gave us 2 meals each and we ate the grilled peaches and steak cold on the second night.

What did SP make himself? This:
After he called and asked and I vetoed a $17 ahi tuna (we were already close to being over budget for the month and really, $17 on fish? Bleah, especially since fish never seems to reheat well or taste good cold), he got himself lamb shoulder blade chops. He marinated them in rosemary infused olive oil and grilled them for a very short amount of time (they are very thin). He ate some grilled peaches, grilled kale, and some mixed greens for the rest of his meal.
I like lamb, but the steak salad with peaches and blue cheese was so much better than his sad plate of food!!!

Recipe from Tyler Florence in Food Network Magazine found here.

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