Friday, September 20, 2013

Gryphon's Tea

After dinner at Piccolo Forno, we walked a few blocks to a tea place I have been wanting to check out: Gryphon's Tea. It's at 4127 Butler Street and it took us 5-10 minutes to walk there from the restaurant.
SP & I love tea. Our at home selection of tea is... well, large. It's something in which we can't resist indulging and when we travel, we always look for tea shops. We love walking into a tea shop and confronting a wall of tea, which Gryphon's has. Jars and jars of tea. So many options - the tea options listed were several pages long in a binder. White, green, black, herbal, rooibos, oolong, mate, tisane - so many teas! Something for everyone.
We decided to get cups of hot tea to go. I chose an apple spice black tea. It seemed to say 'it's autumn' to me, and I am just about ready to embrace apples and pumpkins and spice. The tea was delicious. SP chose a smoky lapsang souchong, which he enjoyed a lot.
Gryphon is a really nice guy. He was ready to open any jar we wanted to smell and to offer suggestions on which teas we might like. I prefer black tea, flavored black tea, and herbal/tisanes. He was out of the orange spice tea, possibly my favorite tea, so I am looking forward to going back to try that one. SP is looking forward to going back and trying one of the white, green, oolong, or smoky teas he prefers.

Gryphon mentioned that eventually there will be small tea tastings/classes, which sounds interesting. The shop also sells herbs and spices - the list is just as long as the tea list!

We are very happy to have another tea shop in Pittsburgh. We love Margaret's in Squirrel Hill and now there is Gryphon's in Lawrenceville. They sell different teas, which is nice. We also still enjoy a relaxing cup at Te Cafe while catching up on our reading and there is another tea shop across Murray Avenue from Te Cafe called Dobra Tea.  

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