Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Peach Crostata

It was another peach filled weekend here. Peach season is almost over and I am not yet ready for it to be over! SP bought more peaches at the farmers market this weekend and we decided to make a crostata.
Above photo, before baking. Below photo, after baking.
We followed the Joy of Cooking cookbook's recipe for Fruit Crostata. We used the same shortbread crust recipe as we use for the fruit pastry tart, but instead of immediately pressing the dough into a tart pan, we refrigerated it overnight and then rolled it out into an approximately 11" circle and folded the edges up for a bit of a raised crust. We chose raspberry jam to spread on top the uncooked shortbread crust. Since we used only peaches instead of peaches and blueberries/raspberries, we used 3 peaches. This seemed like a bit too much when we piled it on top the crust & jam, so we took some off. After it baked and we saw how much the peaches shriveled, we sort of wished we had just used all 3 peaches. Also, ours baked for closer to 40-45 minutes until golden.
This is a terrific, quick, simple dessert. It's not as big as a pie, so it's a much more manageable size for the 2 of us. We love the shortbread crust, buttery and rich with a hint of lemon. Raspberry and peaches are a great combination. Maybe I would have used apricot jam (if we had any on hand) or blueberry, but raspberry-peach is one of my favorite combinations so most likely, I'd choose raspberry again. Next time, I think I'd brush the bottom of the crust with a beaten egg to seal it a bit from moisture. The crust didn't get soggy from the jam and peaches, but it did moisten a bit over time.

Crust recipe here.
Filling recipe here.

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