Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Thoughts & Mini Peach Crisp

1. More peaches! When we made the crostata, we had some leftover peach-sugar-flour filling, so we put it in a ramekin and made a quick topping of oats, almonds, and butter and then baked it alongside the crostata. Quick mini peach crisp - a tasty way to use up some extra peaches/crostata filling. Extra tasty with peach ice cream melting on top the warm crisp.

2. I am overwhelmed with library books again. The current pile is 5 books, all due in 2 weeks. Last week I read A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams and loved it. Not my normal thriller/mystery. It was about love and family and betrayal and secrets and loss. I couldn't put it down! I also read the most recent Kathy Reichs book Bones of the Lost. I always enjoy the Temperance Brennan novels and as much as I enjoy the TV show Bones, which is 'based on' this series of books, I wish the TV show was a little more true to the novels.

3. We made Chex Mix last Saturday night. It was gone by Tuesday night.

4. I hope the next Steelers game is not as awful as the last one. The only thing that kept me watching was the fact that my hands couldn't get to the remote because I was too busy shoving bread dipped in warm beer-cheese dip into my mouth.

5. It's that time again: the annoying stink bugs are congregating on the rear windows, trying to figure out how to crawl inside the screens and then inside the house to terrorize me. This weekend we will be buying more of the spray we use to kill them. SP will douse the rear windows with it. And I will cackle with glee as their twitching bodies fall to the ground, dead.

6. Yesterday I wanted to bake biscotti this weekend. Then this morning I decided I wanted mint chocolate chunk cookies. Now I'm thinking something with apples. I can't decide. I think I want a little bit of everything. Maybe we should skip baking and just raid a bakery?

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