Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. I love holiday weekends. Not just because SP is off an extra day, but because the extra day usually means we make breakfast food brunch, something we rarely do. This past Labor Day, we made waffles (regular for me, whole wheat for him), bacon, and peaches. Yum!

2. When we make bacon, we never finish it all. No problem - we blot the extra and put it in a container and I eat it throughout the week on my lunch sandwiches. A little treat. Tuesday night SP came home from work and asked me how I liked my special lunch treat of not just rosemary ham (usually I have turkey lunch meat; rosemary ham is a treat every other month) but also bacon. I looked at him in confusion, stuttered, and finally managed to remember that there is indeed leftover bacon and that I really had forgotten all about it. I missed out on bacon on my lunch sandwich! He was stunned that I forgot about the bacon. First signs of me losing my mind/memory from old age?

Of course on Wednesday, I got to have double bacon to make up for missing out on Tuesday!

3. Critters. Bugs. Home invaders. I've written about spiders attacking me in the shower. I probably complained about the ant invasion in the kitchen this past May. I'm pretty sure I wrote about the tiny green worms that attacked my real plants inside (now there are no real plants in the house). I've been terrorized by centipedes in and out of the shower. I've been batting down cobwebs for the past 2-3 months. And every spring & fall, we battle the stink bugs with me alternating between horror/despair and cackling with glee as they die from the bug spray we bombard them with.

But this past weekend we had a new pest: crickets. It all started Saturday morning. I kept hearing a creepy noise. I asked SP about it. He replied a little too calmly for my liking: crickets. Fantastic. That commercial with people trying to figure out where the beeping smoke detector is? That was us, silently creeping around the house, listening for cricket noise, trying to locate the bugger. Cricket noise is creepy. I felt like it was stalking me. SP left me home alone with it while he went grocery shopping. Ick. He finally found it late Saturday afternoon in the basement. There was much rejoicing. Until a couple hours later when the noise started again.

We could not find the second one. It was somewhere in/below/above the kitchen and I was praying it wasn't above in the attic because then we'd have to empty out the closet to get into the attic to kill this little monster because no way could I handle hearing it until it died, not with that creepy, I'm-coming-to-get-you cricket noise. All night long, off and on, creepy cricket noise. Thank goodness for ear plugs. But I feared it jumping on me, attacking me, coming anywhere near me.

Sunday morning, SP found it lurking in the sink under the dish drainer. Cricket was captured and removed from the house. We have since been blissfully cricket free.

4. I am still struggling to sleep in our bed. Sunday night I made it 6 hours and I was SO EXCITED. Well that must have been too much for the hip because it has been really sore and I haven't lasted more than 1-2 hours in a real bed since. Plus, once I get up and move to the recliner, I need to take ibuprofen and put the ice pack on my hip. Now I am SO SAD and SO FRUSTRATED because I just want to be able to sleep on my side in our bed!

And, no, sleeping on my back in bed won't work because I just cannot sleep on my back. I never have been able to - it has always been an uncomfortable sleeping position and now that I am an old fart, the back issues I've always had are worse and now I cannot sleep on my back at all without ending up in pain.

5. Not only does this week involve bacon, it involves pasta! Regular for me, whole wheat for SP. We made the Pesto Calabrese since we had not yet made it this summer. I love this pesto - pureed eggplant, red pepper, onion, basil, and tomato. Yum!
6. Bacon & pasta - could the week get any better?!

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