Monday, September 23, 2013

Warm Beer & Cheddar Dip

For the first Steelers game of the season, we always make ourselves a special treat. I know, last night was the third game of the season, so this post is a little late. The thing is, the treat we made would be great for any sporting event, any time of the year. It would be great for non-sporting events. It would be great just because. It's Warm Beer & Cheddar Dip.
It's no secret I love most cheeses. Growing up, when we would go to my aunt's house, in addition to a tray of sliced cheeses (and many other non-cheesy treats), she frequently had a cheese bread bowl. It was a melted cheese dip inside a hollowed out round loaf of rye or pumpernickel bread. Back then, she made it with 7 Up soda, but the recipe she gave me said it could also be made with beer. Mmmmm.
Not content to simply use that recipe, I scoured the internet for other recipes and settled on one almost, but not quite, identical to the one I have on a faded old index card. I use this recipe, from Williams-Sonoma.
It was delicious. We almost ate the entire batch on that first afternoon. A pumpernickel bread or crusty white bread would have been better than the rye bread we used, but it was still really good. We used a dark beer from Penn Brewery. I love the Worcestershire & mustard flavor in the dip. We used the rest of our aged white cheddar and then added some grated yellow cheddar. You could add more hot sauce if  you like things hot, but we found that the amount in the recipe was just right for us. A couple of nights later, we reheated the remaining amount of small dip in the microwave and it was just as tasty as the first day.

The beer & cheddar dip was the best part of that Steelers game. Bread dipped in warm, thick, melty cheese mixed with beer & mustard & Worcestershire. Yum.

Recipe here: Williams-Sonoma Warm Beer & Cheddar Dip

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