Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Apple-Mustard Chicken

We eat a lot of chicken and are always looking for new ideas to make chicken dinners a little more exciting, something different from the usual, but also quick and easy. That's why I was excited when the Food Network Magazine issue my mom bought had a pull out section titled '50 Chicken Dinner Recipes.' They all start with simply sauteing chicken breasts.

We decided to try the Apple-Mustard version. I'm not usually a fan of fruit and meat paired together, but I really wanted something different and something fall-like.
It was really tasty. I cooked the chicken breasts in the oven and sauteed the apples in about a tablespoon of butter before adding the chicken broth. We bought whole grain mustard because we have a lot of dishes that use it, but often, we use regular Dijon in place of whole grain mustard. I like mustard flavor a lot, so next time I might add a bit more, more than the generous tablespoon I added, to really up the mustard flavor. It was there, but not super noticeable.

Definitely a chicken dinner I'd make again - plus, the chicken broth meant that when the leftovers were reheated, they didn't dry out.

What I did:
*4 chicken breasts, seasoned with salt & pepper, drizzled with olive oil, cooked in oven
*one apple, chopped, sauteed in 1 tablespoon butter (regular or unsalted, whichever we had on the butter dish that day)
*3/4 cup chicken broth
*1 generous tbsp (or more) mustard (whole grain or Dijon), added after the broth reduces


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