Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Batter & Dough Baking Company

A couple of weeks ago, after having lunch at La Bella Bean, we decided to walk over to a bakery we had just found out about: Batter & Dough in Bridgeville. Sadly, we arrived around 2 pm and the selection was pretty sparse since it was late-ish in the day for a bakery. We decided to try 3 cupcakes: Peanut Butter with Chocolate Ganache, Lemon Lavender, and Chocolate with Chocolate Icing.
We also bought two biscotti: Gingersnap and Orange Chocolate.
Later that afternoon, I decided to eat the chocolate cupcake. Look at all that icing! In order to eat such a tall cupcake, I had to use a fork and break it into smaller pieces.
Definitely a great icing to cake ratio. Moist, chocolaty cake. Smooth chocolaty icing. Delicious!

We ate the other treats over the next couple of days. I didn't try the peanut butter-chocolate cupcake, but SP said it was really good. Of course, he loves that flavor combination. The lemon-lavender cupcake had a terrific, strong lemon taste with a hint of floral lavender. I think it may have been one of the best lemon flavored treats we've ever had. The biscotti were not too hard so SP ate his undunked while I dunked mine in tea. The gingersnap one was so good we fought over who got to have more of it. Gingery & spicy. The chocolate-orange biscotti was yummy, too, with lots of orange flavor and terrific chocolate icing on the side.

The bakery does have one smallish step to get inside, but it wasn't too bad and SP managed even with a sore wrist to get me & the wheelchair up and inside. The lady behind the counter apologized for being out of a lot of items but took the time to identify each cupcake and biscotti flavor for me (though I did wonder why there weren't little signs to show the flavor).

I definitely would like to try more of the treats at Batter & Dough, especially the cinnamon, espresso bean, and dulce de leche biscotti (some of my favorite flavors) but next time, we'll have to go earlier in the day. Of course, that's the case with any bakery/donut shop - we frequently discover that we just didn't get there early enough.

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