Monday, October 14, 2013

Dirty Risotto, Revisited & Improved, with Ricci's Sausage

Every fall we make Dirty Risotto. I'm not sure why it works out that way, but we never seem to make it unless it's fall. This year was by far the best version we've made. I think there are two reasons why:

1. We bought pancetta. It seems odd that we wouldn't have bought it the other times we made this risotto, but neither of us can remember buying it for this dish the way we remember buying it for other dishes we've made. Plus, there's a note on the recipe print-out that we used 8 oz sweet sausage instead of 2 oz pancetta and 6 oz spicy sausage. So much tastier with pancetta.

2. Instead of pre-packaged sausage or GEMD meat counter sausage, we went down the street to Ricci's Italian Sausage and bought their homemade sweet Italian sausage. What a difference! This sausage is so good! I think from now on we will buy all of our sausage from Ricci's.
There might be a third reason, too: we used more red pepper and mushroom than called for in the recipe.

Now that we've discovered just how much tastier this dish is with the pancetta and the homemade sausage, I think we'll be making it more often. It reheats nicely, too, since this makes enough for 2-3 meals for us.

Recipe here:

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