Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lasagna Soup

Once the weather starts to get cooler, we start craving soups. Soups are great because they can be made in a crock pot and they make enough for 2-3 meals. The October issue of Food Network Magazine had several soup recipes and this was the one we decided to try: Lasagna Soup.

Basically, this is a tomato soup with sausage, cheese, and noodles added to make it taste like lasagna. The nice thing for us is that we could keep the noodles separate and add as much/little/none as desired and the cheese amount could be controlled on a per bowl basis.
The soup really did taste like lasagna. Any kind of pasta would work, but we used the seven remaining lasagna noodles we had. Next time, I would break them into smaller pieces than those in the above photo. Once in the soup, the pieces were just too big to easily eat.

We also got to go back to Ricci's and buy more of their delicious homemade Italian sweet sausage (we opted for sweet sausage instead of spicy sausage)..
Above is the soup with noodle, before cheese. Below is after cheese (parmesan & ricotta):
We both really liked this soup. Tomato soup is one of our favorite soups, if not our favorite soup. I added lasagna noodles to my soup, SP did not. Not surprisingly, I used more cheese than he did. I think the ricotta is what really gives the soup the lasagna flavor. Otherwise, it's just a tomato soup with lasagna noodles.
Our minor changes/choices:
*No garlic
*We used half & half (not heavy cream)
*We used sweet, not spicy, sausage
*We added some of the parmesan rind we have hanging out in the refrigerator while the soup simmered, then took the rind out after it simmered/before adding the cream.

This is definitely a make again soup - so we'll definitely be freezing some of the fresh basil from the garden for the winter months.

Recipe here:

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