Sunday, October 20, 2013

The DMV, Walmart, and Gas - A Sunday Rant

This weekend has not been an especially good weekend. I am, at this point, utterly exhausted and every part of me is achy and sore, so I have a very short fuse right now, perhaps no fuse at all because I just flipped out on SP because he is out in the kitchen crunching, no, make that chomping on potato chips so loudly that I can hear CRUNCH CRUNCH CHOMP all the way in my office and IT IS SO ANNOYING.

1. Yesterday morning we went to the DMV to get my new photo license. I had only 2 Saturdays left to accomplish it, this Saturday and next Saturday, so we chose this weekend. We zipped down 79 and arrived at the Bridgeville DMV a little after 10 am. The entire building in the strip mall is under some sort of construction so none of the handicapped parking is available because it's covered with scaffolding and yellow crime scene tape. The curb cuts are also taped off. So we parked far, far away in a space with no one on my side so I would have space to get out of the car. We trekked over, went backwards up the small curb, and entered hell.

My ticket was stamped 10:14 am. It said "expected wait time: 24 minutes." I can do math. I figured around 10:40 my number would be called. Maybe a few minutes later.

Meanwhile, there was no handicap/wheelchair area in which to wait, so I 'parked' at the end of a row, which meant I was in an aisle area, which meant every time someone walked by, I was stumbled over/slammed into. Some people smelled funny, some looked like they hadn't showered in days, some looked like they were still drunk from Friday shenanigans, some looked really skanky. It was gross. It was almost worse than People of Walmart. Someone's child had had some sort of incident in the restroom, necessitating the mother acquiring a plunger and then spending 30+ minutes cleaning the bathroom with bleach and a mop and various other commercial grade industrial strength cleaners which, yay, it was clean and disinfected, but those cleaners smell gross to me so since we were near the bathroom, I got to inhale these gross fumes and feel sick to my stomach from the fumes for not 24 minutes but 55 minutes.

Did I mention the wandering children? With no supervision? Causing DMV employees to call out "Whose child is this?" every time one started to enter an employees only area? Did I mention the screaming children? The crying children? The whining children? Why on earth do people take their children to a DMV in the first place, a place notorious for long waits? And do not tell me they had absolutely no other options on a Saturday morning, no spouse, no other parent or grandparent or relative or neighbor or friend for the child to have a play date with. Not buying it. My parents never took us on such errands and if they did, by golly we were quiet and sat in our seats or else when we got home we got punished and maybe even spanked for misbehaving in public.

I thought about it later and realized every other time I'd been to the DMV it had been early on a weekday which is why I had never before experienced the DMV hell. Or factored in a photo license taking an hour.

2. Walmart. Oh I know, no one likes Walmart, but they do have low prices, especially on certain items we frequently need, like English muffins, which I eat every day for lunch. Walmart cost: $2.68. Market District price: $4.19. Calculate the difference and multiply by 52 weeks in a year. It comes to around $75 savings, just on that one item. So we go to Walmart. But we have a system to minimize Walmart hell. We did pretty good zipping around and avoiding grief until someone (HI HUBBY) made the decision to use the self check out area. No lie: It took 40-45 minutes to check out. Why? I will attempt to quickly summarize: aside from the stupid register freezing frequently, there is some STUPID design feature that WEIGHS COUPONS to make sure you don't cheat and the machine locked up because it decided we had not put enough paper coupons in the coupon slot to justify the coupon deductions on our receipt. The self check out helpers could not fix it. The manager could not fix it. NO ONE COULD OVERRIDE THE SYSTEM. They had to reboot the system, which takes 10-15 minutes, then it still wasn't working, they said our stuff wasn't in the journal, so our purchase hadn't really happened, but SP had swiped the credit card so he thought it had gone through, but then he thought maybe not, no one could print a receipt, no one could find our $85 purchase so they re-scanned everything and assured us the original one would be voided/never show up on the credit card.

This morning, I logged into the credit card account and sure enough there are 2 Walmart charges under pending charges for yesterday. If both move from pending to actual, I will raise holy hell at that hellhole and it will be worse than my flip out on the manager after we had waited 40-45 minutes and he started babbling about re-scanning everything and I told him we were not paying twice and he SWORE the first one would never show up/would be voided. Uh-huh.

3. Dinner. There was a home Penguins game, home Pitt game, and it was the last day for The Duck. We saw the inbound parkway traffic when we drove over it on 79N. So we decided to stay in Robinson for dinner. In an attempt to kill 2 birds with one stop, we decided to have a quick dinner at Houlihan's at the mall and then get SP a new winter coat at Macy's. We already had the options picked out, we picked 2 out last week when we were at Ross Park Mall, but we took a week to think about it since we are having a difference of opinion (I like one, he likes the other).

Anyway, Houlihan's was a 20 minutes wait for a seat. Then no one greeted us/came to our table for 10 minutes, not even to bring water. Then it took 30 minutes before the appetizer/side salad showed up. I didn't even time dinner arrival because I was feeling so tired and crapped on by the universe, but we did order the doughnut dessert before we finished our meal and it still took 15+ minutes. On the plus side, the server was super apologetic and comped our appetizer, side salad, and dessert.

As for the coat, SP 'won' but turned out the only one in his size had a flaw, so we are going to the mall, again, next weekend, but a different mall. Oh joy.

4. That was a super busy day for me after a summer of doing nothing because of my hip. We were out from 10am~9 pm with just a quick stop at home to bring in groceries and have a bathroom break. I was exhausted and my hips/legs ached. But could I sleep? No. Insomnia plus neither hip responded to the ibuprofen, so... still exhausted today.

5. So it was SP's bad luck this morning to 'accidentally' turn the back burner to low instead of off, as he meant to do, before heading downstairs to be with his brother, who was here to help SP do something, and sometimes when the burners are quickly switched to low, they go out, so when I came out after my shower, the kitchen smelled strongly of gas because the burner had been on but not lit for 15-30 minutes. I was furious.

So his CRUNCH CHOMP noises set me off. I really hope next weekend's outings are less sucky.

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  1. My gosh, this all sounds like a disaster. I would've lost it completely.

    Hope the week is going better!